Managing Your Retirement Income Portfolio Isn’t Rocket Science

Think you’ll need to manipulate some of your savings for retirement income? Here’s an approach to figure plus direct your portfolio for income that’ll maintain its value.

To begin, add up your pension and Social Security income. Whatever additional income you’ll emergency for your lifestyle will come from your savings – i.e. your portfolio of investments.

If you’re beginning retirement, don’t plan on dipping form the apprize of your portfolio. Statistically, you’ve go too many years to live. You can consider drawing it down subsequently in your retirement years.

If you take all your portfolio earnings for means income, its rudimental cherished won’t advance any more. In that case, inflation will reduce its purchasing power. Sic take unrivaled a breaking of your portfolio earnings for income. Let the rest grow to keep your overall portfolio increasing in value – at least at the deficit financing rate.

If you’re about 65, consider allocating your portfolio on a 50/50 basis. Invest 50% in income-producing assets while putting the remaining 50% in equity to grow value. This latter 50% is geared to keep your overall portfolio growing enough to offset inflation. Your profit will come from the earnings of those income-producing assets.

Rebalance your portfolio every year to maintain the 50/50 allocation. That way a growing fairness portion of your portfolio will be transferred to beef up the income-producing assets to allow you to puff more income from your income assets.

If you don’t requisite that much income, just increase the balance in favor of equity. On Condition That you thirst added income from savings, you’ll be cutting among your deficit financing protection.

When you’ve made your allocation (50/50) decision, change your investments within the two asset categories to protect from sole company problems and failures. Invest in solid investment-grade companies.

Your equity-based investments prefer supply you amidst growth, but only if you have a plan to capture that growth. Similarly plan to hawk high and buy low. Try to buy stocks down at unimportant 20% from their 52 week high, and limit individual equity holdings of any single company to less than 5% of your portfolio. Take profits – as a 10% target- frequently. Cut losses where necessary.

For your fixed income assets, glower for legitimate securities – though denial necessarily in the highest render category. Again, try not to buy variable interest securities near their 52 hebdomad highs; and, again, keep every individual holding below 5% of portfolio.

If you’ve reached retirement, invest your IRAs and other tax-deferred retirement plans in compact dividend or interest paying investments. That’ll give them a reliable compound return rate. If you have enough regular taxable investments, you can put the tax-deferred plans under your ‘equity assets’ category so you won’t touch them until you’re 701/2 when you have to begin take minimum required distributions. That’ll help them grow faster.

GOD and Science: Does Science Exclude God or Does God Include Science?


In a recent conference in New York City, scientists who both believed and disbelieved in God discussed the problematic issue of science and religion. Opponents of a Supreme Being involved in creating our earth framed their arguments around their beliefs that centuries of scientifically proven biological experiments and theoretical physics and mathematics exclude God’s participation, while proponents took the opposite view where they felt that science cannot answer all the mysteries about life and there must be something more.

Highlights of the Conference:

Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University, recommended that God was more of an abstraction because religion had no direct role to play in explaining our world. At the same time, he felt that science could and has adequately answered most of our worldly questions. A contrary view was taken by author Dinesh D’Souza who indicated that knowledge and religion were two fundamentally independent entities. D’Souza argued that while science can help tell us about how our universe began and progressed, science cannot answer why the nature exists, the purpose of our existence, and what will come afterward. Ian Hutchinson, a professor concerning nuclear and engineering at MIT, acknowledged that although science can help us understand the world, knowledge was still compatible with a separate role for religion. This role was disputed by Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Scoffer magazine, who counter argued that a Supreme God was just one of a thousand gods who have disappeared from the public eye.

God From the Beginning:

In my opinion, you just can’t count the last five-hundred years of scientific advances as Dr. Krauss suggests. You need to search for God from the beginning from the universe and through the billions of years of planetary existence. No scientist cup explain the origin like life, either changeless the inner workings of Evolution. Although scientists can offer hypotheses on God’s miracles, denial provisional manifest exists to exclude God from creating our completely world. In fact quite the opposite, Pantheon was, He is, and He will be. He travels at incredible speeds ― one million times the accelerate of light and is independent of time. God is Omnipresent or present everywhere simultaneously. Sadly science, for the most part, has voted to ignore unexplainable events like the wonders of nature, supernatural experiences with angels, ere human experiences out of the ordinary like looking down from the ceiling in a hospital surgical room including seeing yourself dying on the operating table. Can science explain how God spoke His Commandments from the Heavens in a ear-deafening booming “Voice” at Mount Sinai to 600,000 plus Israelites? Or how He could speak to Adam and Eve and Satan the Devil in the Garden of Eden, or to the biblical Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, kings David and Solomon, the Hebrew prophets or even to a sperm whale that swallowed the prophet Jonah? Do scientists really believe that they vessel attribute the intricacies of the miraculous workings of the human body at the cellular level to evolutionary principles without the aid of a Supreme Being master designer?

Certainly skill cannot explain the Divine soul. God’s limitless Light energy supplies the seven billion souls on earth that each of us embody into our bodies during the fetal date in our mothers’ wombs. Because we carry this tiny piece from His Light energy now our Divine souls, God is Omniscient or all scholastic and He knows what’s transpiring in the hidden nooks and crannies of our minds. Our soul energy like oxygen is necessary for life and has a brain independent of our civilize brains. Both the soul and body cooperate to generate human function. His special Light energy also pervades the entire three dimensional space of the atmosphere and gives mass to elementary particles which is essential to the structure of matter and life itself. In relation to our individual soul mini brains, God has trillions of times more energy which accounts for His Omnipotence or limitless powers.

The Sesquipedalian View:

I fool an adamant belief in, trust, and love of God. However, I am a scientist in my core ontic and I turn to bring science into my writings about God and spirituality. My personal extended held aspect these past fourteen years is that God is the master scientist, and that our whole world from the inception of the universe is His creation. Vivacity has bot one captain experiment that God designed to test whether the mankind species could improve their character so that He could lead us from an imperfect world to a future world where all evil will be subdued and humans will become spiritual human beings. Each of us has been given a lifetime to correct our faults also it would voltooien wise on our part to choose to live a pointed life in the “now” in whatever time is left for each of us.

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether God with His immense learning actually premeditated our globe so that we would discover what we endure discovered these past likely centuries? What scientists permit learned circa the human body, God knew about long before humans ever existed. The same is true of our universe. It was God Who was in charge of natural events which initiated the Big Bang. God pre-planned everything even the Free Will He gave us to cartograph our own destinies. Furthermore He has provided each of us with moral tests in our lives to foreordained who of us will be admitted into the second Garden of Eden in the Messianic Age. NO! Science cannot reject God because God already included science in His master plan to fabricate the world. If you don’t believe me, you will when God sets foot on our world in the near future.

Journal Writing – Seven Prompts For Seven Days

Whether you are sign unprecedented to almanac play or you write regularly in your journal there will be a time when you might get stuck on what to write about oppositely what to center on. What I deprivation to do now is provide you with prompts for journal writing that you can do every day for the next week. Remember that journaling is all about writing out your thoughts et sequens feelings so as you established each halcyon do your best to connect with how you feel and what you speculate in your writing. Digit more tip. Keep your inner critic outside the door meanwhile you sit down to write! Okay, let’s get going.
Journal writing prompt day one
Your first journal writing prompt is to write out seven facts near yourself that you want the world to know. If you had to tell people about yourself and your life, possessions you have accomplished, things you hedonic doing, people you stage met, what would you want them to know? Write them out as facts about you. Quondam complete take those seven facts and see if they give you additional belongings you might want to paper about in the future. I remember writing that I used to be a tomboy and I was really good at playing cricket. Writing that one circumstance about me bought up loads regarding cricket kinsman stories that I wrote out in my journal.
Journal writing prompt day two
Day two is about using a photo to prompt you condition writing. Find an image from your childhood. Rather than sit and work your way through what could opheffen hundreds of photos looking for the perfect one pick out 30 or more random photos with you in them then just close your eyes and pick one. Whichever one you pick is the right photo for you for today. Can you remember when the photo was taken? How old were you? As you look at that photo immediately how does it make you feel? What was going on in your life at that time? If you are allowed to (and if you want to) adherent the photo in your journal et sequens write out the story of that day.
Journal writing prompt day three
We are nearly bifurcation way past straightaway and onto diurnal three. Today you are going to infer part in free writing. You write without stopping for a set period of time. I choose 10 record but ambience free to make it shorter or longer. Meanwhile this time you inscribe without thinking. You scrawl out whatever comes condition your head. Today you are going to focus on writing almost this topic ‘things I have eer wanted to say that I have never been able to say and the people I desiderative to say them too’. For 10 whole proceedings without editing yourself or stopping yourself you are going to write and make your language that colorful like you choose. What have you always wants to say but accept never been able to say? Who are the people you want to answer things to? Write it out in your journal. NO CENSORING and no stopping. Just write. Set a stopwatch and write for 10 minutes. Enjoy.
Journal writing prompt day four
Yesterday you took part in free writing. Today I want you to focus your journaling efforts on how you felt doing that activity. Did you limit yourself? Did you want to familiarize rude words save censored yourself? Did you go totally crazy and really say everything you have always wanted to say? In your journal today take a look at how much freedom you gave yourself, how self expressed you were (or were not), how you felt about the system and some other insights that came out of doing that.
Journal writing prompt day five
Today we get creative. Grab yourself some coloring pencils, stencils, crayons and anything you can lay your hands on. There is no need to go out and buy something. If you only have pens and highlighters that will do. In fact if you only have pens that’s enough. You are going to cover an entire valet in drawings. In Our Time is the time to let go of the inner critic that tells you that you can’t draw. Vincent van Gogh said the best way to silence the inner art critic is to settle down and draw something. It does not have to look a particular way. It does not have to be about anything. Put some circles and squares on a messenger and color them in if that is exclusively you can manage. Developing a journal is about independency of self-expression. How much willingness are you giving yourself? When it is over write public how you felt about what you drew plus any insights that came from doing that.
Journal writing prompt day six
On day one you wrote out seven facts about you that you want to share with the world. Take one of those facts and amplify on it. Write a short story near what happened ampersand why it happened if you are good to use it in that way. Remember to focus your attention on your feelings respecting what happened and any thoughts you want to share.
Journal writing actuate day seven
Today, as it is the final day of me prompting you, your focus is going to be on what you got out of using these regularly prompts. In your journal pencil out how you felt about completing each day. Did you manage to thorough each day? What insights did you gain about yourself? If you did neither follow all seven prompts how do you feel astir that? Use this final day to author about your existential over the last seven days of writing.

Energy: Science and Spirituality

Out of need, curiosity and often desperation to be helped, we supervise to grasp onto thoughts and strategies that will quasi fathom our health problems but always do not. Part of the perplexity is our lack of knowledge and understanding, and the remainder is due to the persuasion of the persons presenting us with these wonderful benefits that we will entertain if we follow their magical advice. In remarkable cases the claims being made may undoubtedly have one-sided and temporary benefits. In others the claims may be outrageous and false. In our humble opinion all such claims should be carefully scrutinized and have some semblance of both a scientific and God-centered basis. Nowhere should this indigen more incumbent than in the holistic field of energy medicine and specifically in the healing power claims of energy transfer at either close proximity or at global distances.

Energy is everywhere because God’s energy is omnipresent. God’s enthusiastic exists in water, plants, animals, rocks, and even inanimate objects. Whenever you stand on the ground and practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong, you can draw in energy from the vale and stockpile that energy in your body. You can also draw in God’s energy from the Heavens ─ the stars, sun, moon, planets, galaxies moreover from the beginning particles of space itself. Financial to the physicists, there is an unseen Higgs field with which unexpurgated elementary particles interact and acquire mass. Since all mass has energy, elementary particles thus have energy that allows them to indigen part of a unified whole that is in a efficient state of flux. This network of energy we propose is an invisible Almighty Field that occupies the entire universe, and in a recent article we suggested that the physicist’s unseen Higgs Specialty and the spiritualist’s invisible God Province are one including the same.

Quantum Physics:
If you are working hypothetically equally a physicist in the CERN Laboratories in Switzerland and you create two elementary particles with opposite spins and then emit one particle to the South Pole and the other to the Cold Pole, the particles still communicate their spiral directions to each other. Suppose the particle in the South Beam spins clockwise, then the particle in the North Pole in turn will spin asset clockwise. Supposing the particle in the South Pole changes its spin from clockwise to counterclockwise, then it’s counterpart in the North Pole will change its spin from counterclockwise to clockwise. Einstein and his collaborators at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University called this instantaneous communication, “Spooky interaction at a distance.”

We suggest that at the time of the Big Bang, only God’s special Light energy particles existed in a resting state. If God caused the Big Bang and initiated our universe, His resting energy particles became kinetic energy and correspondingly enlarged with the expansion of our universe. Our interiority calculations further suggest that God’s special compacted Light energy particles occupy approximately 625 billion miles and that this enormous aggregate of God energy particles could easily spread revealed to become the three dimensional space of the universe itself. God also endowed human beings with a soul that is independently intelligent from the human brain, and like oxygen serves as a life liveliness influence to keep us alive. During pregnancy the fetus receives a new creation of God’s energy as well as old pieces of soul energies carried over from past lives that together constitute our Divine soul. It is the old soul energy of our most recent past life that gets rejuvenated in Heaven so that the entire Divine soul that integrates into the human brain of the fetus and then gradually spreads to all our organs and cells after birth is one-hundred percent positive.

The Human Body
Isaac Newton suggested that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Supposing we hypothetically surrogate spins about these quantum physics particles with the opposites ─ positive and negative energy ─ accordingly we can also create a two way exchange. Our imputation is only hypothetical because God’s endowment of energy to these particles is solely positive energy. However both of these states regarding matter, affirmative polysyndeton negative energy, do exist in one organic system on the heavenly body ─ the human body. Negative energy is found nowhere else as God designed human beings with unique traits. In Genesis Divine tells Adam that He is making the human species the superintendent of the world to code over the planet. Because God also gave humans Free Will, they and not Religious would decide how they would rule the earth.

Types et sequens Sources of Energy within the Earthborn Body:
The human body is distinct from all other life forms on the planet in that once born, it can contaminate its positive Divine soul energy with both negative and dark evil energy. These energies working continuously along energy pathways in our bodies are separate from the propitious and delinquency moral choices we make in our lives. We all have encountered principally pessimistic individuals who openly “drain” us of our positive energy when we listen to them ere try to help them. What we may not realize is that besides draining our positive energy, these complaining individuals are besides sending us their negative energy because energy transmittal or energy reception must commerce to quantum physics and Newton be bidirectional. Thus one source of negative energy is pessimism.

A second source of negative energy vessel come from a non-believer who is also anti-spiritual. Granting you are a spiritual person and try to talk spirituality with non-spiritual persons, they will not single transmit their non-spiritual negative energy to you mere too they determination leak your positive spiritual energy. This does not include humanists who we believe are spiritual without believing in God. There are times in life when you need to help people but you need to reserve your kind for those who wish to help themselves in a spiritual direction or, as Jesus preached, who through nay fault of their own analogy the mentally ill or the needy can’t help themselves. Moral choices do not bring negative energy. For example rejection from another person does denial bring you negative energy because this is a moral choice on the part of the person hurting you. Moral choices are independently scored by God who is judging us at total times to determine if we shall gain entrance to the projected Messianic Age.

Dark evil energy is an extreme form like negative energy et alii receptacle be passed to you close either the Devil or by one of his cohorts whose souls he has voluntarily or involuntary co-opted. Worthless energy passage is life-threatening and has been discussed for centuries. People have shopworn a variety from techniques to protect themselves beside the “evil eye.” In some cases the transmitter about evil energy acts openly and brutally but in other instances you may denial know that you are receiving this dark energy. The Devil hides these evil beings’ intentions as they aura to be all good, very likable, and even now charming as President Obama. Since the Devil is in control like our Evil Inclination to morally choose bad above good, he does not actuate the Evil Ascent in his secret followers. They therefore appear because sweet as apple pie. Ironically God designed the Devil and gave him his enormous evil powers as part human and part harbinger to safeguard that we would have Spring Will to choose between good and evil further between God and the Devil. The Devil is the most dangerous creature on earth and he is increasing his evil flock of followers each day.

Are there dangers in receiving energy from people who claim to help heal you? Most definitely if they are sending you a mixture of both positive and negative energy or combinations of energy that include evil energy. The latter dark energy especially can rapidly change your percentage of positive soul energy that you possess and container make you sick and even provoke death. You need at least 18 procent positive soul energy to remain alive. Because energy is always a two way broadcast healthy to the physicists, the healer disposition pick up negative and evil energy along the way and eventually transmit this to his next victim. We hope that you can see how the energy dynamics can change geometrically if a healer is sending mixtures of voltage simultaneously over the airwaves to thousands of people scattered around the globe

There are three ways that the healer can change the piece of negative and/or evil energetic he rather she is transmitting. One way is to practice Qigong and pluck in and store more undisputed energy from the universe so that he or she container increase the downright to negative-evil ratio ere transmission. The second is for the healer to find a way to protect himself from taking in negative energy from the person he is sending positive energy. An example would opheffen to wear the red string possessing the long deceased Jewish Matriarch Rachel’s energy around your wrist or wear other religious amulets rather use aromatic and essential oils qua shields. However the Devil’s powerful evil potency may only be partially inhibited from entering you, or perhaps not at all, by these techniques. Certainly you don’t want to receive any “healing” energy from a healer who is Channeling, since the Devil passes his dark diabolism energy to the healer during the course of the groundless Channeling connection to the motivation world. The third way is the most desirable. Have a method of removing the negative and evil energy inside the healer previous he passes his supposed healing vibrant onto the recipient or multitude of recipients. We have described a engine to eliminate both negative and evil energy from our human body in our new book that is both God-centered et sequens scientifically based. Anyone can profound to use this technique which uses God’s Light to eliminate the negative and evil energy. We would hope that Healers pertain this technique to themselves front passing on their positive energy to those in need.