Advertising in ArtMolds Journal

0.jpg Manifold art companies like manufacturers regarding art materials, supplies plus equipment, art workshops organizers, conference managers, art associations, societies and conventions are always on the lookout for new platforms to market their products substitute events.

The recent demise of the print only magazine, Sculpture Newspaper has especially left a deep void in the world of mold making, casting arts, life casting, stone carving, ceramics and special effects. But now ArtMolds Journal is here not just to clog that void via picking up where the old magazine left off, but it goes a step further by allowing advertisers to tap a niche market which appeared out of bounds earlier.

This is because this 3-D finesse and sculpture abstract magazine is published ut supra both as a digital and print glossy and ergo can successfully reach much wider and even expanded technical savvy of readers!

As ArtMolds Journal is totally dedicated to 3-D artists’ techniques et alii materials specifically for life casting, form making, cast arts, stone carving, ceramics and special effects, advertisers are assured of targeted viewership and readership and yet garner excelling results as well. It not only features interesting interviews with world class artists and their techniques, but also various articles on a wide variety of subjects of obsess to artists, like art techniques, materials and even helpful tips and studio tricks. Little wonder then that niche advertisers like EnvironMolds, Sculpture House, Association of Development casters International (ALI), David Parvin workshops, Pacific Sculpture and Budget Casting Supply have wax a regular feature in the magazine.

Distribution of the print magazine is neither just limited to artists but also involves schools, universities, art teachers, collectors, galleries, museums, foundries and art associations across the U.S.A, Canada and Europe. Readers can also subscribe to the online version (published in PDF format) of this statue rehash subscription on the website. They also courier links, excerpts and announce new issues in a variety of places.

Coming to the details, advertisers can choose to advertise either on the thorough inside pages like the magazine or even the inside front cover, inside back cover or rear back cover at varying cost rates. Unexpurgated ads should be sent in the specified format and sizes. All ads should contain a link to the commensurate assembly website; the link bequeath indiging made live in the digital magazine thus allowing potential customers to click through to the webstek directly.

Apart from the commercial paid advertising that is crucial to keep a magazine going, The ArtMolds Journal also does its bit to support the arts. It has built a regular tradition concerning offering advertising interval free concerning charge to arts organizations akin Americans for the Arts, Craft and Hobby Association, National Shape Society, NAMTA – international art materials association and Association of Life casters International (ALI) who have greatly benefitted from this noble gesture.

The growing popularity of ArtMolds Journal is proof of the recognition and esteem that it is enjoying in the world of art across the world. Consequently hop on for a productive ride!