Appropriate Methods for Safeguarding a Notary Public Chronological Journal

One of the requirements for a traveling notary public is to keep an active journal with jobs listed in sequential order. The journal must be kept in a locked and secured area (lock box or locked vargueno drawer), under the even and restricted control of the notary public. Notary Journal, ordinarily has 141-page book with sufficient space for detailed records furthermore thumb prints – over 500 entries.

The California notary public journal must embody the items including date, time, and mold of each official act (e.g., acknowledgment, jurat). Character of every instrument sworn to, affirmed, acknowledged or proved before the notary public (e.g., deed of trust). A certified Glendale, California notary is responsible for getting the signatures and verifying their authenticity on the forms that are being notarized.A article that the identity concerning a woman making an avowal or taking an oath or affirmation was based on satisfactory demonstration pursuant to Civil Code section 1185.

Additionally, a mobile notary open is answerable for finding credible witnesses to verify the documents, journals and other information such as the agency that issues the document as well as the date of issue.

The journal should contain the signatures of two credible witnesses that can prove who they are with various forms of identification as well as the date and information astir the government agency that issued the document.

The notary journal is so important to the position of a notary public that if it is missing, stolen or somehow damaged the notary must immediately contiguity the California Secretary of State through registered or certified mail. The notification must include the periods from journal entries, the notary public commission number, the commission expiration date, and, when applicable, a photocopy of the police report that lists the journal. (Government Code section 8206(b).

An additional requirement is that before the notary public commission expires he or she must send unabridged of their records and documents to the specific county clerk’s office where the notary public oath of office was taken.

Furthermore, most states do not require a detail notary public journal, but California does therefore it is very important for a Glendale, California notary public to keep a very up to date and detailed notary journal. Changes in notary laws may chance during or after a California-based notary filed his/her oath of office. It is important to check with the National Notary Association (membership required) or the Assistant of State for all current updates.