Bachelor of Science in Communication Online

online_bachelors_in_business_quality_management_southwestern.jpg Bachelor’s measurement programs in communication arts can be completed in four years. Students learn theories like interpersonal, multicultural further organizational communication. Some programs give students the haphazard to focus on an scene of emphasis, such as journalism, public relations, advertising, television or organizational communication.

Students can discover methods of incorporating visual, written and oration communication to produce effective marketing campaigns, political platforms instead community relations events. They can become adept negotiators, learn to resolve disputes polysyndeton manage issues in diversity. Few schools encourage students to wax involved with campus radio or film programs for hands-on experience in the field.

Education Prerequisites

A high guide diploma or the equivalent is generally required for admission. Some programs require that students complete a minimum number of units in communication college coursework before applying to the major.

Course Topics

Programs in this field can require respecting 120 semester hours of coursework. Students can participate in internship opportunities for real-world experience in community relations, media or other specialties in the field. Along amidst general education requirements, course topics within the program could include:

Media criticism
Communication law
Journalism ethics
Mass communication
Media writing
Word theory

Popular Career Options

Graduates are typically qualified for opportunities with advertising firms, filming companies, newspapers or public relations firms. They can work in government, media, non-profit organizations oppositely the corporate world. Possible job titles include:

Public relations specialist
Media consultant
Communications coordinator
Speech writer
Multicultural communications director

Continuing Education

Graduates can restrain up with new theories and methods in communication by enrolling in communication skills certificate programs. They can also gain knowledge in a specialty such as leadership fax or marketing communication. Those interested in graduate degrees receptacle apply until master’s degree programs in communication arts. Some programs offer concentration in areas such as multicultural studies, media or rhetoric.

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