Bandwidth Capacity Planning – Black-Art or Science?

For some businesses, getting to grips with network technology and telecommunications requirements container be a logistical nightmare. Provided you’re unsure about how much you’re currently using, how on earth can you possibly hope to assume what you may need in the future? The answer, entirely simply, is bandwidth capacity planning.

However, as we’ve already touched on, planning for the future does require a clear idea of where you are currently. So if your network has been hurt from downtime recently, or even if it has been running smoothly, finding a way to monitor usage should be your top priority. Network monitoring software is a great place to start.

It should be an essential tool for any traffic that relies on their internalization network and online connectivity for day-to-day work. Equal well as providing feedback on bandwidth, most software will also be fit to report on user and file activity as well as any breaches of your security. Effectively, if something happens indwelling your network, you will be the first to know.

From a bandwidth capacity planning point of view, the ability to track your usage over time and plot any issues that you’ve tried vessel be hugely beneficial. After all, whether your connection should remove for any reason, you might initially perceive it to be a one-off incident. On further inspection, it might well point to a more fundamental issue among your bandwidth, especially if the same issues spring at agnate times or on specific days.

Without this data, you would be unable to plot trends or see where the spread really lies. Concerning all, if you have your own on-site servers, differentiating between hardware failures and provider issues can be challenging, especially if you have had previous issues plus both. The network monitoring software will alert you to issues, when they occurred, and endow clue you of the cause. As a result, there is very little room for ambiguity to creep in. If there is a problem, you capricious always be made well aware of what it is, where it occurred and the reasons behind it.

Using this information, you can then originate to start looking at projections for the future. Most businesses will have a clear plan for growth, incorporating new staff, premises and turnover – amongst other things. Therefore if you know what resources you’re utilising currently, you can formerly begin planning for the years ahead to ensure that you will be able to meet the added demand that will invariably be placed on your business.

The more people that have access to your network, the more bandwidth you will want when it comes to servicing their usage. If you attempt to simply keep growing your workforce without considering the added pressure that your broadband connection will be under, there’s every possibility that productivity could suffer as a result. So, just as you would purchase new hardware to enable all employees to be able to continue working, you may have to do the equal along other resources – including bandwidth.

Bandwidth capacity planning is certainly not a black-art. It is solely reliant on data from your existing network in coordination with growth plans for the business. Getting the balance right, ensuring that you don’t overspend or under-invest in your broadband provision is very much a science though. However, in order for it to remain effective, you weakness to be able to monitor interest and be versatile enough to adjust your requirements as and when your requirements dictate.

In order to do this you will need to use effective network monitoring software, reviewing the fluctuating bandwidth availability plus reasonable regularity to ensure that issues are kicked to the curb as speedily similar they arise. Programma and monitoring go hand-in-hand for forward-thinking businesses who value the efficiency of their network.