Bridging the Gap with The ArtMolds Journal

4febad2eedfad219797cd3ca995cb1c7.jpg During there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of mold making, casting et cetera life casting supplies and equipment, what the world about mold making, casting, energy casting, lapideous carving and special effects has long needed is a dedicated art magazine active art news, artist materials and artist techniques. The chasm has widened all the more after the recent demise of the print only magazine, Bust Journal.

And finally now The ArtMolds Journal is here to fill the void with all kinds of methods news, life casting news and other information that proves useful to life casting artists, mold makers artists, casting artists, distinguished effects technicians, ceramicists and stone carvers as well as enthusiasts, collectors moreover galleries. It is designed to encourage artistic innovation while promoting these skilled art forms among professionals as well as among the general public.

Issue after issue regarding The ArtMolds Journal features interesting interviews with world class artists that provides a startling insight into their brilliant works, materials and techniques, like -eco-sculptor Jason de Cairn Taylor besides his famous underwater life castings, contemporary, hyper-realistic singer Jamie Salmon and his jaw-dropping photo representative sculptures and Kazuhiro Tsuji with his ultra-realistic sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and many more. The accompanying beautiful photos are not just a visual treat for sore eyes but even serve since an inspiration for both amateur and professional artists alike.

Other articles are dedicated to exploring different techniques, practices including other issues that are particularly striking to artists. Useful reviews of some new products and tools are also included regularly and so are simple tricks for improving your artistic processes. Then there are helpful tips for managing your studio space also working in a happy, healthy and efficient manner.

Every release of the art magazine also features technical tutorials accompanying easy step by process instructions that help a reader to simply follow along and reproduce the item pro re nata shown – like how to duplicate missing hardware parts in metal or wood also how to cast a complete arm in round without distortion. It also explores new ways of using existing products even while explaining how the utilitarian regarding an item providing various strategies between incomparable types of art works and/or artists.

Additionally, the ArtMolds Journal documents the latest art news and life casting news tidbits from across the globe.There is information about industry events, programs, conferences, workshops plus similarly on. News, events and other happenings of Association Of Lifecaster’s International (ALI) and Guild of Life Casting Artists are highlighted as well.

The ArtMolds Journal is a bi-monthly magazine that is printed as both a print edition and a digital art magazine that can be read online. Each its issues have more than lived up to the expectations besides contain quickly turned the art magazine condition a much-needed resource for mold makers artists, life casting artists, stone carvers, ceramicists and special effects technicians alike. Today, it is poised to become into a world class publication