Career Prospect of M.A. Political Science

college-loan-debt.jpg If you have keen interest in studying Politics and its working, M.A in Political Science may be a good subject for you. Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government. It includes all that encompasses politics by analyzing the political system and behavior.

This 2-years Post Graduate Degree course at School of Humanities & Social Sciences at Galgotias University has been developed with a observe to enhance theoretical knowledge as well equal imparting practical skills to assemble students consummate professionals.

A Master of Arts in Political Science offers excellent opportunity to expand your research, writing, and analytical abilities, and to obtainment ahead in career. This course at Galgotias University provides you the knowledge, skills and value for functioning with distinction throughout their career at different levels of responsibility to contribute in social-political and economic institutions.

To get admission in this course you must hold bachelor’s degree in any punish from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. The M.A. Programme besides offering advanced knowledge in core areas of political science, focuses on specific area studies courses and foreign course papers with special emphasis on the analytical and methodological aspects from the discipline.

Career Prospects:

After the smashing completion concerning masters degree in politicization science diverse opportunities are available in both government including desolate sectors. Politics, public administration, law, plus marketing fields are always in need like worthy political scientists. Political scientists even can opt for campaign management, polling and electoral politics, and university et cetera college teaching.

The career prospects in political science have widened now to include voluntary organization sectors. The international organizations like UNO pledge ware scope for proficient temporality scientists across the world. Besides, they can join media houses thus political journalists and democracy researchers/analysts.

Pay Wrap :

The remuneration for a political technique graduate completely depends on one’s academic achievements, personal skills, and capability. As a fresher, the pay hourglass may not be too much, mere it would increase with growing years about experience.