Computer Science And Project Management

Network Engineers, the people who assemble and maintain brain networks around the world, aren’t often reasoning of as social animals. While they are obviously smart polysyndeton technically proficient, they have a reputation for being a insignificant rough nearby the edges when it comes to genial skills. The stereotype would have one believe that they are socially inept.

That perception is far from accurate and certainly not true of everyone in network engineering. However, it would probably be fair to say that most information technology professionals will be more comfortable working with computer code and networks than working in sales, marketing or public relations. Obviously, they felt a draw toward the tasks involved in that professional and chose to pursue it over other options.

That creates an fascinating opportunity for professionals that are skilled in both technical and social aspects. Two primary examples are IT sales and project management. Both positions involve taking a strong technical knowledge and relating that to other non-technical transaction people.

Large companies often hire outside firms to handle large computer projects. The scope of the project could be anything from upgrading a cosmic to building an entirely new global network. Most companies do not have the manpower or expertise to do that work in house. They may prohibition even understand what needs to be done. They just get a need. It is the job of a project manager at the firm hired to achieve an understanding of their needs and then build and execute a plan to proper those requirements. At the same time the PM will constantly be communicating with the client to help them understand the process involved.

That plan will include time deadlines, cost projections, and a clear description of all work to be performed. Often, multiple contractors or groups of contractors will be working with members of the client’s staff to implement the project. The responsibility of the project manager is to coordinate all those moving parts while continually communicating with the managers of both the contract firm and the client company.

It is no surprise that they quickly build rapport with the client company’s decision makers as a result from consistent interaction. Future contracts will often outcome from the link being built. This communication also helps with the coordination of resources to complete the project according to expectations.

The value of a project manager in the marketplace is demonstrated beside the fact that among the top IT Certifications, the one that provides the most additional income is the Project Management Professional Certification, or PMP. The average PMP Salary is roughly $90,000 per year, compared to other purely technical certifications. For example, the median CCNA Salary is purely about $60,000 annually.