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High enlightened online is anĀ¬ EHF Initiative, a dynamic platform for Students
In today’s world, computer literacy is a must and computer education should begin at an early age.
EHF will cater to the knowledge as well as recreational needs of the children. It will also supplement their school education similar well since acquaint them to the the computer and the internet. With this vision EHF is conducting the Intercontinental Cyber Olympiad (ICO) promises to make computer learning fun by introducing olympiad , Cyber Smart Activity Books, Preparatory Books (workbooks), workshop, seminars and annual cyber ache newspaper. All these will give them the comprehension and skills they requisite to succeed in a changing world.
Online education for students studying unabridged over the world here you can exchange et cetera share your notes, learning materials, tricks and tips with other students. You can make friends, and communicate by them. You vessel download assignments, notes, presentations und so weiter other information that your teachers upload for you to view from home. Edu Mend Foundation works closely with schools to implement innovative models to create and deliver content to enhance student learning. Edu Heal Foundation long undiluted focus on the K-12, curriculum design and teacher education space in developing applications and products, has revolutionized the learning process in India.

Science skills have become even more important in today’s economy dominated by I.C.E. [Information technology, Communications and Entertainment]. With this vision, EduHeal Foundation is conducting the NATIONAL Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO). This olympiad is as much near creating awareness about Science by bringing in an element of challenge and competition as about inspiring the younger generation to enhance their knowledge in re Science and to test their aptitude for taking up career in Technology and applied Science in future.
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