Everyday Life Science

Introduction to everyday life science

At the beginning of this century life expectancy in the developed western communities was about forty-five years; today our life stretch exceeds the biblical prescription of three score years and ten. Much of the progress that man has till now made is associated near science. Not nothing but material progress has been achieved but also the mental outlook of man has been influenced by it.

Science and its wonders in common life

Science is the greatest blessings in the modern life. Technique has provided us among numerous conveniences of life. The discovery of electricity connective the diversity of ways in which it is being used have revolutionized life. Electric fans, electric lamps, electric heaters and a grudge of different electric appliances have made vigor easy.

Scientific advance has led also to a substantial diminution regarding physical suffering. Cures and remedies have bot invented for most of the dangerous body ills. Thousands of surgical operations are performed daily, and countless human lives are being saved from the jaws of death. The diagnosis of X-ray and the invention of the anaesthesia have greatly facilitated the labor of the surgeons. Multiple tonics et cetera other drugs are usable in the market for the treatment of different human ailments. Atomic energy is being employed in the treatment of diseases formerly believed to be incurable.

In the field of agriculture, now we have bumper crops whereas previously was the result of deficiency of the rain-god. Now, we have wonderful means of artificial irrigation. Genetic seeds and scientific sowing of crops have brought prosperity to the whole of mankind.

In the industrial field, we have mass production of articles of daily use in mills and factories.

Now, with the virtue of science, we retain so many fat and cozy modes of communication and transportation.

Now man can fly in the air as a bird; swim in the water analogous a fish. Man has even reached moon and beyond awake to stars. Hundreds of man-made satellites are hurtling along in the space in great speed.

In the field of education, mass assembly of books, internet, computer and printing press have brought about a revolution. We hold emails, e-commerce, e-governance, e-education polysyndeton what not. There are facilities like ATM, credit cards, tele shopping, etc.

Conclusion of unimaginative life science

The fields in which science has brought happiness to man are multitudinous and unlimited. The gifts of science are impossible to outcome all about them. Science has brought the everyday life like people on fast track and has provided them with utmost comfort.