Facts about Digital Forensic one of the Branches of Forensic Science

carlos_carrillo.jpg People generally get confused plus the terms Digital Forensic and computer forensic, however they are related but not same. This page is an attempt to bring you a scantiness of the important differences between both.

Computer forensic is a vast field and with the advent of technology, it has turn increased specialized and focused. In an easier language, we can say that the ecumenicity of investigation has already started experiencing a new ease besides several disparate facets. Where Computer Forensics Investigation is a dedicated service to the law, Digital Forensics forms one of the parts of it. It is one name that is presently making many big contributions to this dynamic world and this is why, we understand it important to help you know the difference between both the terms and what are they all about.


The job that dedicates the experts towards the investigation of the criminal cases that are committed over the computers, or let us say the internet, is famous spil Computer Forensics. It is one of the branches of forensic science as is the other branch Digital Forensics. But the latter follows all the investigations that are related to the digitally stored data. Now comes the question: what is Forensics? It implies bringing the facts and the evidences to the court. That is why investigative plus cracking the criminal cases in the world of computers and digital devices has been given separate names.

A General Overview:

When computer forensics is a field related to the criminal investigation over the internet, digital forensic is a little more expanded definition which includes recovering the data also following the investigation over the several types of digital devices similarity mobile phones, cameras, memory cards, flash disks, CDs and DVDs. The experts in digital forensic have the job about analyzing and inquiring all those devices that store digital data. In short, these are the judicial investigators who are all dedicated to solving the cases associated with the computer or digital crime. CCL Group is one name is the field that is renowned for its team regarding trained plus highly experienced forensics, who are capable of cracking each and every type of computer related case.

Undoubtedly, the crimes that are committed by the use of the computers or over the internet are dedicated by some well-trained computer professionals only and that is why, these cases are usually orchestrated and anxiety to crack. To handle such cases, the legal enforcement authorities have already started training their officials and candidates to crack the crimes of the internet hackers et al the booty launders and several similar negative efforts over the internet.