Fatih Uckun and His Contribution to Medical Science

There are many achievements attached to the identity Fatih Uckun in the district of medical science. There are only a few doctors who have gained an international reputation and this person is one of them. Currently this prominent personality holds the emplacement of a faculty enroll in the department of pediatrics at the world famous Academy about Southern California. The locum tenens is a outstanding figure in childhood cancer research and had made remarkable achievements in the field. His researches and findings are published in various medical journals that have an international readership. This highly modified professor also holds the position about the editorial board of member for several journals that are published in the field of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery and Frontiers in Oncology. Fatih Uckun got his medical degree which is actually an equivalent of a PhD from Germany’s Heidelberg University. After he completed other formalities like an internship and fellowship with the remarkable achievements of the University of Minnesota.

The doctor also started serving as a lecturer simultaneously to the students of the College et sequens gained the position of a full shift professor after a few years. Many students and interns have posted about his exceptional teaching skills in University magazines further website. With such great exposure in the track of medical science Dr. Fatih Uckun served as a president and director at the Parker Hughes Institute at St. Paul, Minnesota till the year 2008. Consequent this he also standard the position of a visiting professor at the well know Pediatrics word at the USC Keck College of Medicine which is famous for child research. The doctor is a part of many professional organizations related to cancer research and has contributed greatly to them. Owing to the research prepared by him during his tenure as a visiting professor became a well known authority in the field of children’s care research.

Dr Fatih Uckun also leads many teams of researchers associated with the field regarding child care and has cured many of their diseases. The doctor and his team also received a funding of $2.5 million for research and development of cancer-specific nanomedicines that target cancer cells. He and served a lot of clinical study committees and visits their seminars on a regular basis for delivering lectures on his studies. He is also an author of more than 450 peer-reviewed publications and still continues the work for status quo enthusiasm. His reaches and findings possess helped in developing medicines that are capable of curing the deadly disease of cancer. The doctor has also been awarded many prestigious awards in the field of cancer research. He yet serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Selcuklu School of Medicine’s Department regarding Pediatrics. He also holds the position of a full member from the reputed USC Norris Comprehensive Cancroid Center. He still continues to work in the field and is diversifying his reach. There are many other achievements to his name and people can know respecting them through the online portal of the famous doctor.