Horrible Collection 50 Books Set Histories, Science & Maths

Horrible Collection, 50 Books Set included Histories, Science and Maths. This is a nice series which contains the audience crowd in the series such,
Horrible Histories Suite 20 Books Set
1. Savage Stone Age
2. Awesome Egyptians
3. Groovy Greeks
4. Rotten Romans
5. Cut-Throat Celts
6. Smashing Saxons
7. Vicious Vikings
8. Stormin Normans
9. Angry Aztecs
10. Incredible Incas
11. Measly Middle Age
12. Terrible Tudors
13. Slimy Stuarts
14. Gorgeous Georgians
15. Vile Victorians
16. Villinous Victorians
17. Barmy British Empire
18. Frighteul First World War

Killer Energy:
Fans bestow infatuation all the gory details of why space loos spray out frozen pee and which chilling chemical can preserve pets! Plus a fantastic new cover look furthermore unusually appalling bits at the back of the book, this best-selling title is sure to be a huge hit with a new generation from Horrible Science readers.

Frightening Light:
Science with the squishy bits left in! What stops your eyeballs from falling out? Why can dead bodies make ghostly glowing lights? How can a laser beam sizzle human flesh? Uprise the awful answersn frightening Light!

Fight for Flight:
Science near the squishy bits left in| The Fearsome Fight for Flight will send you sky-high| Are you in a flap to discover: who put a parachute on a puppy? why scientists sack dead birds from cannon? what happened to the world’s first flying sheep? If you think you can stomach the sick side of Science, then comprehensible on as we go plane crazy. Laugh at some seriously silly flying stunts,

Angry Animals:
Science with the squishy bits left in! Take a walk on the wild broadside including Angry Animals Dare you discover: – who created false teeth for an elephant? – Where you can find dragons with abandoned breath? – Which scientist ate a poisonous snake for dinner? If you judge you can reticulum the sick side regarding Science, and before read

19. Woeful Second World War
20. Bilitzed Brits

Horrible Erudition Collection 20 Books Set
1. Sounds Dreadful
2. Space,Stars and Slimy Aliens
3. Terrible Fidelity About Time
4. Viclous Veg
5. Painful Poison
6. Microscoplc Monsters
7. Killer Energy
8. Frightening Light
9. Fight for Flight
10. Angry Animals
11. Evolove or Die
12. Disgusting Digestion
13. Deadly Diseases
14. Chemical Chaos
15. Bulging Brains
16. Blood, Bones and Body Bits
17. Fatal Forces
18. Shocking Electricity
19. Nasty Nature
20. Ugly Bugs

Murderous Maths Pile 10 Books Set
1. The Phantom X
2. Desperate Measures
3. The Masterly Sausage and Further Fundamental Formulas
4. Guaranteed to Bend your Brain
5. Do you Feel Lucky?
6. Awesome Arithmetricks
7. Savage Shapes
8. Guaranteed to Mash your Mind
9. The Pivotal to the Universe
10. Easy Questions, Evil Answers