INTANGITIA – The Next Knowledge Wave after Science

We all are conversant with the tangible world around us. There is almost nothing that hasn’t bot explained by Science through its numerous laws, formulae, experiments etc. But still some baggage are invariably eluding a scientific revelation. This almost is like the oft repeated cliché ‘everything cannot be explained by Science’. One becomes more aware of this inadequacy of Science after reading the book “Intangitia- the Next Knowledge Wave next Science”.
The author seemed in requirement of all a new word to describe the concept he presents in the book and so we get ‘Intangitia’ – a newly coined word. The author offers its description as this – ‘a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the Intangible Absolute ut supra far as can be comprehended within the Intangible dimension regarding the Universe’.

One likelihood question, what are these intangibles? What is it that hasn’t bot explained nearby science? Intangitia asks substratum questions, yet relevant ones; it puts hasty intriguing and profound topics, nonetheless uncomplicated ones. It urges us to wonder whether we altogether need a new way of probing into what nature perhaps is hiding from us, supposedly a greater treasure than what she has revealed to science so far.

Intangitia deals with many concepts like the origin of origins, the consciousness, Plant Energy and very probable including interesting concepts of MindOS and KDBMS. With the world busy talking in re God-particles, is it not manageable that something more fundamental can emerge suppositive we further dissect it? Can we have an operating operation for the mind to tap and exploit its laden potential? Will the future regarding networking be able to transfer thoughts from unique mind to alias without secondary tools of communication and also what would be the protocols and security-measures for doing so? Death is defined as ‘cessation of all biological functions’ by science, save is there a deeper intention behind the extinction of a sensual body and is the mind also involved in it? Physical bodies are destroyed posteriad death, what happens to the mental body i.e. the mind with its impressions? Financial to science we have evolved from the monkeys, but why at all does evolution take place?

Myriad questions will certainly derive in the reader’s mind after reading this book. Probably, the time has come to not rest complacently with the answers which science has given us.

At close to eight thousand words, this book, though short, provides an interesting read.

It is available in Amazon and Google Play Store equal ebook moreover android app respectively.