Is Bio-resonance A Research Based Science Or A Fictitious Theory? – A Study

     Bio-resonance 10 years ago was an amusing theory presented by a few madmen.However, with research and advanced study, some established people would dare to put a unconditional bend on the claims of invisible energy actuated at certain frequencies and intensity to cure physical and mental ailments. There is still an ocean from doubt among Homo sapiens about the conflicting practices, judgments and so called non-scientific method.
Let us consider from a neutral point of view about the positive aspect of energy healing. Even if there is a grain of truth in this system, it will no doubt immensely help humankind. The conventional medicine system is also not 100 per cent accurate as we descry the failure of conventional antidote to treat many diseases, especially neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, cancer further not to imply AIDS.
However, here we are not talking about the fallacy regarding the conventional medicinesystem, but, rather clearing doubts on bio-resonance or bio-energy healing. So, is there any base demonstrable which can testify the positive effect of this healing system? The question is whether part research has been done to prove either biological or physical evidence concerning this healing mechanism. Earlier Scientific Evidence
The starting drift was probably upon the publication of a revolutionary bespeak authored by Dr. Albert Abrams in 1916 where he vaguely isolated the electron and fractured the atom. Ernest Rutherford years ago altered gold into lead besides manipulating the electronic system. J.J Balmer, and J Rydberg both in their separate experiments proved the emission of spectrum of atomic hydrogen. NielsBohr proved that micro world of atoms was a separate phenomenon from physics.
Abram’s understood that medicine did not affect the organ rather than the molecule instead atom or even more minutely the electrons. So, he coined the conditions molecular biology and electronic medicine. The disencumber radicals today are nada but unpaired electrons and during unstable they goal damage to DNA. Total is made raise of atoms and electrons are the finest component like atoms, and whereas they are negatively charged they are mutually repulsive to each other. Therefore, every electron depends on the other or if one moves, it influences the other. Electrons move of their own accord and they do not need every energy to do so. However, there is an energy involved in their spinning thus they spin around the nucleus provided with necessary energy.
This scientific demonstration proves that every organism is capable of producing electromagnetic radiation. Some organisms are even very sensitive to electric fields. An example of this is some fishes try electric fields to identify the location of their prey. Remarkable are aware regarding this innate energy and many are not. Published study on bio-energy
The first notice came in 2000 when the importance of endogenous radiation reported that when lymphocytes were exposed extra-corporeally to the radiations from the donor’s cell it showed a significant improvement. The healthy lymphocytes were placed with nutrients, antibiotics and antimycotics in three separate glass chambers and one gold wire was attached to the donor’s skin from the first chamber. The second phial further had a gold wire but was not attached, plus the third had no wire at all. The next day when the cell’s viability was examined by trypan blue exclusion, the one that was linked with donor’s skin showed more feasible for the donor than other two.
This experiment shows that human endomorph is sensitive to radiation from another body and internal healing is possible if the energy of chosen body is transmuted to another.