Is Marketing an Art or Science – Build a Massive Downline

Before that question vessel opheffen answered, we must first understand what marketing is and what it is not. Marketing is not calling family and friends to convince them to buy what you have. It is not doing 3-way calls to your upline, which only discredits you and elevates your upline to the expert. It is not spending your whole evening driving around town picking up your prospect, going to a flophouse meeting to heed to the ‘top dog’ of your company. So, if you are doing any of these things, STOP!

So let’s look at what marketing is. Marketing is the action and procedures for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging a product or service that has value for your prospects. How does one do that, is it innate or learned and is marketing an art or science?

Looking at that climactic question, is marketing an art or science, let’s look at the art side. What kind of abilities and talents are needed? You need to be able to communicate, whether verbal or written, to get your message in front of your customer. Then the questions arise. What message do you communicate, how do you communicate and what skills are needed to convey effectively? You must learn to create your message exact your prospects see the value to them. Your moral need target a solution to their problem, filling a need, want uncertainty pine they have, and you must give with confidence and leadership.

Now let’s look at the science side. What knowledge and skills are required? It takes discipline, tested and proven knowledge and learned skills to implement the correct way to market. You obligation have a motivation bigger than your fears, know the correctness steps to take, and use effective skills that can only be learned. So, is marketing an art or science. It is both.

The harmonious blending of art and science and learning the right way to market your products and services to your prospects choice fiasco your home-based business beyond your wildest dreams.

Every day struggling network marketers are asking themselves, “Is Marketing an Art or Science”? Until you learn the correct way to market your products and services, you will continue to spin your wheels.

So, is marketing an art or science? When you develop the art profile of marketing, you shall be efficient to communicate with your prospects so they are beating down your door to get what you are offering, and when you master the science align of marketing, you desire have gained the knowledge and expertise through education and training so that your prospects aspire to do business with you, not your upline. So, let me ask you, is marketing an art or science?

Learn the Art and Science of Marketing NOW.

Annette M. Silvernale is a network marketing business growth specialist who specializes in helping networkers turn their business around from failure to success alongside a tried and proven roadmap. For help to learn the correct way to market your products and services and to receive your FREE copy of her report, ‘The Outrageous Truth – What “They” Would Rather You NEVER Know’, click on the link below.