Journal Writing – Seven Prompts For Seven Days

valobeva.jpg Whether you are brand new to journal column or you write regularly in your journal there will be a time though you might get stuck on what to write about or what to focus on. What I want to do now is store you with prompts for journal writing that you can do whole day for the next week. Remember that journaling is all about writing out your thoughts and feelings so as you complete each day do your best to connect with how you sentiency and what you think in your writing. Number more tip. Keep your inner critic outside the door when you sit down to write! Okay, let’s get going.
Journal enlarge prompt day one
Your introductory journal writing prompt is to write out seven facts about yourself that you want the planet to know. If you had to tell people about yourself connective your life, things you have accomplished, things you enjoy doing, people you have met, what would you want them to know? Communicate them out essentially facts about you. Erewhile realize take those seven facts and see if they give you additional things you might want to journal about in the future. I remember writing that I old to be a tomboy and I was really good at playing cricket. Writing that one fact about me bought up loads of cricket related stories that I wrote published in my journal.
Journal writing prompt day two
Day bisect is about using a photo to prompt you into writing. Find an image from your childhood. Rather than sit and work your way through what could be hundreds of photos looking for the perfect unique gather exterior 30 or more random photos including you in them then legitimate close your eyes and choice one. Whichever one you pick is the right photo for you for today. Can you remember though the photo was taken? How antiquity were you? As you visage at that photo present how does it make you feel? What was going on in your journey at that time? If you are allowed to (and if you want to) stick the photo in your journal and write out the story of that day.
Journal writing prompt day three
We are nearly half way through now and onto day three. Today you are going to take part in free writing. You write without stopping for a en suite period of time. I choose 10 minutes but feel free to make it shorter or longer. During this time you write without thinking. You write out whatever comes into your head. Today you are going to focus on writing some this gambit ‘things I have always wanted to say that I have never been qualified to say and the persons I want to say them too’. For 10 whole minutes without editing yourself or stopping yourself you are going to pen and make your language as colorful as you choose. What have you always wants to say but have never been able to say? Who are the people you want to say things to? Write it out in your journal. NO CENSORING moreover no stopping. Juristic write. Set a stopwatch and write for 10 minutes. Enjoy.

Journal writing prompt day four
Yesterday you took integrant in free writing. Today I want you to hearth your journaling efforts on how you felt doing that activity. Did you border yourself? Did you necessitate to use rude words but censored yourself? Did you go completely crazy and positively say all you have in perpetuity wanted to say? In your journal today take a look at how much freedom you gave yourself, how self expressed you were (or were not), how you felt about the process and any other insights that came out of doing that.
Journal play prompt day five
Today we get creative. Grab yourself unknown coloring pencils, stencils, crayons and anything you can lay your hands on. There is nay need to go away and score something. If you only swindle pens and highlighters that will do. In fact provided you only hold pens that’s enough. You are going to cover an entire page in drawings. Now is the time to let go of the inner critic that tells you that you can’t draw. Vincent van Gogh said the best way to silence the inner art critic is to brood down and draw something. It does not have to look a particular way. It does not have to be about anything. Put some circles and squares on a page polysyndeton color them in if that is all you can manage. Developing a journal is about freedom of self-expression. How much freedom are you giving yourself? When it is over write out how you felt about what you drew and each insights that came from doing that.
Journal writing prompt era six
On day one you wrote gone seven facts about you that you want to share with the world. Take one of those facts and dilate on it. Write a short story about what happened furthermore why it happened if you are able to worth it in that way. Remember to focus your attention on your feelings about what happened and any thoughts you want to share.
Journal writing prompt day seven
Today, as it is the final day of me prompting you, your focus is going to be on what you got out of using these daily prompts. In your scrapbook write out how you felt respecting completing each day. Did you manage to complete each day? What insights did you gain about yourself? If you did not ensuing all seven prompts how do you feel about that? Use this final day to write about your experience over the last seven days of writing.