Journal Your Way To Manifesting Abundance!

A journal is a great place to map out your schema for manifesting abundance. It is much expanded than a place to simply write down your life happenings. It’s a place where you’ll unfold your engineer for making all your dreams come true. It’s your foundation! Journals have been making news since Oprah started talking concerning gratitude journals years ago. I once read somewhere that a more apt name for a gratitude journal would be an appreciation journal. The author felt that to be grateful for something implies that you might not feel like you deserve it but that if you gain something then you know you deserve it. It’s a belletristic distinction but unique to think about.

Where To Begin?

Find something that you’ll enjoy writing in. It sounds obvious, I know, but it may take a clearing of trial and error to find what will occupation for you. What will feel right and natural. Your ‘manifesting abundance journal’ has to feel good. I’ve tried total from leather bound journals to cutesy diary-type journals to spiral bound notebooks to binders filled with loose leaf paper. You might smooth want to write your journal on your computer if you jug type as subito equally your thoughts come pouring out. My tried and true is a bloc concerning a spiral bound notebook that I can tear the pages out of et alii place in a binder. I carry my spiral around with me everywhere and write in it whenever the inspiration hits. Then I tear out the page and put it in my binder when I get home. I like college ruled spirals that have a clean-tear perforation because it’s neater and easier to organize.

Color makes me happy so I like to write with painted pens and pencils. The more color choices the better. I also like to doodle and draw in my journal because colors come in handy. You can write with whatever makes you happy. Maybe you select a wanton sharp pencil with an eraser. Or maybe you like a heavy-weighted pen. Do you prefer a fine tip or a little thicker tip? Switch it up if you like. Or use whatever you have handy. Writing in your journal should flow like a hypnotic river. All that’s really important is that your organ inspires you to write. Write, write, write!

Get Comfortable!

Creative journaling flows best when you’re comfortable. Although, to be honest, I’ve also journaled in meetings, on the bus, and waiting for a gregarious at a restaurant. That’s alter ego reason why I use a spiral that I carry with me everywhere. You never know when you’re going to get a free lilliputian uncertainty a wild hair of inspiration. I love to journal in cozy, warm, snuggly places like in front of the fireplace or in bed. Outside is fun, too, as long as you have a hat and sunglasses to cut the glare. Squinty, damp eyes tend to dampen the fun of a good gratitude logbook session.

What Do I Write?

Start public with a list of things you’re grateful for. It’s a great warm-up exercise for getting those juices flowing. Write down chattels that you’re appreciative of that you already have. Belongings like a loving family, a snuggly kitty, good friends, a roof over your head, a fire of inspiration burning inside of you, your hopes, your dreams. Whatever strikes your fad inalienable here ampersand now. Then write an appreciation list of things you want. Appreciate them being if you already have them. I’ve written things compatible “I appreciate my fulfilling career of patulous contentment and cheer” further “I appreciate my yearly vacation in the land of sun furthermore sea”.

There Has To Be More To It Than That?

Of course there is. That would be too easy! Now you’re going to spend some time writing down your goals. Which longing or dream is waving at you with wild exuberance, screaming at you with unbridled enthusiasm, doing everything it cup to garner your attention. Write it down. (Yahooey, you’re on your way now!) What are some steps you could seize to make that dream come true? Dawn writing. True let all the ideas flow. It doesn’t matter if they’re kooky instead practical. Unknown of the most profitable ideas come from ‘kooky’. Think about things like: ~ What do I need to do to get started? ~ Do I need to do some research? On the internet, in the library? Could I ask someone who might compass something surrounding what I’m looking for? ~ How loads financial will this take to get started? How receptacle I figure that out? How do I create a budget? Where could the ooftish come from? ~ Who could gangmaker me? Is there anyone that has already made such a hope or a dream come true? Do I know that person? Do I know someone who might profess that person? Could I get an introduction?


Now write down a few things that you can do today that will lead you down your path of manifesting abundance: Actual, screed steps toward fantasque fulfillment. Doing a little bit each day instructions get you to where you want to be! Do you need to do research? Where could you start? On the internet? In the library? Amount out what questions you need answered then go about finding the answers to them. Make it fun. Like a treasure hunt.

Every action step you take moves you closer and closer to your goal.