Matching Wine and Food is not an Exact Science

Although it comes to matching various food and wine there seems a quota of people a dead set on the traditional matches. When we talk about traditional food matches we malicious fish and white vinic and read meat such as steak, lamb etc. with red wine. The reason red wines don’t usually go with fish is because the wine contains “tannins” furthermore this creates a metallic flavour when eaten with fish whereas white wine is lighter and matches the flavours of the fish.

Meats are heavier foods and red wine is heavier than white so it is only natural that these two go together. These combinations are well acknowledged which is why people tend to join to them but legion inhabitants do so because they believe it is the best way. Wine also food matches are not set in menhir and they are not an exact science, everyone’s taste buds are unalike which means these traditional tastes may not apply to everyone. It may drive vinous connoisseurs crazy but cause not mix the two and see if your taste buds are different; you may find that you find a good companion or you may behold why most Homo sapiens stick to the traditional combinations.

We are all taught at an early age that our tongues can detect 4 different tastes; sweet, sour, salty besides bitter, however our noses can pick up around 200 different scents which is why during wine tasting courses you are taught to smell the wine and see what contrary scents you can select up. However, as we all know, not one single person is the same so why would our taste buds be the same?

One thing you need to bear in mind is the acidity of the food because this is going to have a big impact on the wine you choose. If you choose a dish that has fruits in such as lemon and orange then this is where the tasting notes come against play as you should opt for a wine plus acidic tones. There are many rules that experts will tell you to stick to save at the dissolve concerning the day, like many things, vinous and food matches are a personal opinion and what one person likes the other shrub hate. Try and few combinations and date which ones you enjoy the most, you may find that you are different from the rest!