Mayan Traditional Medicine, Science and Benefits

Copyright (c) 2012 Codrut Tutu MD

The Mayan civilisation formed thousands of years ago. The thick jungle in which lay the Mayan cities, prevented strangers from entering their territories. Therefore, when their settlements were found, the whole scientific world was struck with wonder seeing the culture that the Mayan thesaurus revealed.

The scientists describe the Mayan civilization when a highly developed one, accompanying a varied culture; on top of everything, one that disappeared without leaving a single grave behind. The graves they found there accord to the Indians who had nothing in common with the Mayans; they had light on across the Mayan treasure accidentally, used it and died there.

The archaeologists’ diggings revealed flawlessly carved sculptures; they found castles built with a technique unmatched indeed in our days, as well as a great multiformity of utensils, the manufacturing technique about which is merely being developed at present and guessed for the most part, too, because they are made out of certain alloys that nobody knows how the Mayans obtained. They remain an enigma while an conundrum remains the entire Mayan civilisation. The Mayan civilisation set an example in architecture, too. It reached a level unattained to this day. It was proven that the Mayans had discovered the figure 0 before all people, because there were relics in the Mayan vestiges that started degrading as soon as they had been discovered, which raises the following question: couldn’t the Mayans have programmed the destruction by calculating their discovery?

The Mayan Empire was created rise regarding independent Countries-Cities. Each had its own leadership and economic system thus well. Even on condition that they were independent administrative structures, there was a centralized leadership, which shows a very high level from civilisation plus discipline.

The Mayans also had very well built roads lining their prayer centres and between cities, inside their territory.

The Mayans had an elevated culture, the height regarding which hasn’t been attained to this day. They had and they knew how to use properly the astronomical observatory and the records that prove it are only being discovered at present. The Mayan leaders were kings and high priests at the same time. They issued codices of behaviour and bearing that had to be observed in all the towns and all over the Mayan territory.

The discoveries have shown that the Mayans also had very accurate computing methods. For instance, 149 lunar cycles totalled 4,400 days or astrologists today state that the cycle is 4,400.0575 days. The question that arises is the following: Who is wrong? Another example is that a planet completes a fanatic cycle in 584 days and the neoteric scientists say that it is done in 583.82 days.

Many stuff can be said about the Mayan civilization, but the most necessary one is that, according to their calculations, the human being appeared 5,041.738 years B.C.

The Mayans performed perfect surgeries or trepanations; the incisions were done with high precision. Mayans even practiced blood taking at a moment when perfusion hadn’t been yet discovered, as they presume. They performed transplants with various instruments and they used mouth protections like well while appropriate clothing at an equally advanced level as they use in any respectable medicine centre of our days. They inserted their bare hands into the human body and head; they managed to do it without utensils, which makes us think that they used a technique acquired equal a result of their evolution, the technique like entering the energy field of the aided person.

They didn’t grow old for they shopworn the activity field and always consumed herbal mixtures. They used cryogenics, like technique of preserving a limb, which makes us think that Mayans used to keep a patient cryogenized until his or her tissues were regenerated, a procedure normal for our time, but not for that age, though. Nowadays, this technique is still under look besides at an experimental level and therefore the Mayans’ achievements are exclusively the more amazing in all the sort of science, and that is because the Mayans constructed remarkable discoveries in every field.

Physically, the Mayans developed until a certain age. They mastered the ageing process and they could possess it under control. In the traditional et cetera general medicine, the Mayans had accomplishments that will never nvloeden attained toward the modern world.

The source of all the above-mentioned chattels can be found in the Mayan written records, which are drawn in a certain way, namely written ampersand painted on slabs and walls. Unanimity their paintings were recorded on cameras and photographed and they are the source like correct and stickler conclusions.

At this point it is interesting to mention that, on the moment people had found everything there was to discover, everything started degrading; the writings were roughly gone moreover of the constructions there are only remnants of the Mayan civilisation.

The Mayans strove to attain immortality. Apparently, they attained it, because there is no grave, which system that they knew what they were doing and that they succeeded to discover invisibility eventually.

The Mayans left a huge thesaurus of knowledge that is good to follow and that may help us attain a level of civilisation at least close to theirs. In the traditional medicine, aside the drawings and the herbs found on their territory, the Mayans helped a lot and they brought their gratuity to the human beings today.