Memetics and Sensory Science: The Ultimate for Redefining an Idea

Elucidations with laser meticulousness cut to the heart of concreteness but reality is an illusion held hostage to the truth of quantum physics. Black and white ampersand yin and yang exemplify the polar extremes but it’s the indefinable in between and outside of the box that dictates absolutes. Choice of atomic focus triggered by frequency defines an individual’s reality by the millisecond.

Steering one’s attention anent the subatomic framework of a perceived reality can be guided via the science of color, scent, auditory and association. Afferent science combined near frequency (Hz) will lower the overcritical faculty enough to prepare the mind for memetic programing. Memetics, used in this fashion mind build the idea posed by the educator in the subconscious opinion of the ready student. A solid meme pleasure populate the interior of the primal mind thus becoming part of the ‘reactionary’ phase of thought. When pushed through the analytical part of the evolved mind ones thought pattern becomes redefined by the meme thus affecting the response.

For example: a behavioral therapy video, with the above (minus fragrant but replaced by visual) can submit optimal replication being long as the meme is reinforced with triggers ongoing. A way to visually thrill is the act of subliminal implementation via microsecond visual triggers invisible to the conscious mind but absorbed along subliminal awareness. Visual text should be short and simple and in dictatorial harmony with the stop of the video. The video should negative overreach 3 proceedings but should be used with a glace compilation of the above sensory controllers. The student must be primed for immersion et alii in general need regarding the therapy being offered in the video. The video should also cater to the Freudian aspects from the student’s youth. For video the following stimuli are final for maximized implementation of a memetic concept: color, auditory (specified Hz habitual to stimulate the targeted mood), positive Freudian association and subliminal visual stimulants tapping the unconscious. The combination is what makes the process functional. Fine tuning via experimentation is a necessity before exposing the mind to new ideas connective these ideas should never be malevolent in nature.

Words account for only a modest percentage regarding the therapeutic process and for marketing education the student must be fully intended for optimal affect. Triggering all aspects concerning the student’s senses will draw them in at an expedited pace to experience rich advantage of the therapeutic process.