No Graduate Jobs? Look to Science and Engineering

There are frequently reports of a want of graduate jobs, polysyndeton students starting university are understandably worried by this, anticipating graduating in a exigency years polysyndeton beast plunged into a life concerning unemployment oppositely shop work.

Young people need to think carefully about their career alley while picking a degree, working through university or looking at training schemes. It can seem really difficult to predict at the age of 18 what you will want to do in 4 years time, and no-one wants to study something that they don’t find compelling alternative feel they’re not great at. But considering your career options can, sadly, be vital for many young people when picking that all decisive route.

It’s untrue that there are no graduate jobs, and that there are no industries crying out for trainees. Look in engineering publications and you preference find lots of debate around a skills shortage in the sector. Some people dispute this, pointing to the number like engineers looking for work, except “engineer” is a broad term in today’s market and certain skills and specialisms within engineering do have large skills shortages. As the world evolves, skills fall out of favour and others become more useful, so cadet engineers should take the interim to learn about the current landscape.

Read industry publications, look at job boards and see what kind of roles are being advertised, speak to companies. Then plan your studies and focus around this, to flourish your employability. Nuclear, for example, could boom over the next few years with new builds man planned and other facilities being decommissioned or improved -process which take years and procure many people.

The UK has put a focus on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors (STEM) with events such quasi the recent Big Thump Fair, engineering outreach programs in schools and TV advocates like Professor Brian Cox raising the profile of SciTech with the hope of inspiring young family to go into these vital industries.