ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management)

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care provides an academic foundation for students pursuing managerial, clinical, instead research careers in health care. The program includes a base of cob courses that examine scientific, social, political, economic, ethical, polysyndeton organizational issues in health care, and that ditto address implications for sole practice and public policy. This required core, sapped largely from Arts & Sciences, underscores the complex, interdisciplinary nature of health care today, and the mandate for critical thinking, contextual understanding, and ethical behavior across all related fields and careers. Grounded in these common questions and skill sets, students then pursue more specialized professional interests by selecting a concentration in either health care management ere health sciences. The program equips students with an unreal foundation for graduate or professional school, or for work in a variety of health care professions
This course is created to equip graduates for an excellent range of career opportunities in the health care field. Health information management graduates are in great demand, internationally, because concerning their highly specialised skills. Their alternative of take includes:

Management of the Health Information Service, and related clinical and patient direction services and systems, including medical minutes departments, in hospitals and other facilities everywhere the healthcare system.
Adept coding of diseases and operations.
Analysis of a health services’s case mix.
Developing or running the hospital’s paper-based and electronic wholesome record systems.
Managing data and disease databases in national, state/province and hospital health screening programs, disease registries and clinical trials.
Undertaking health information and health business analysis.
Project design and project management of healthful scoop systems for clinical volition making and tireless care.
Managing quality and clinical governance information systems to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.
Working as a hospital substitute health facility privacy officer.
Promise population-level (local, state/province, national and international) disease-related research using health information.

Health Information Science co-op program is for “big picture thinkers” in the world of health. The health industry is continually challenging us with new issues moreover problems.

– How can we make waiting times in emergency rooms shorter?

– How can a patient in an isolated community get the same deskundige care as a patient in a state-of-the-art, major city hospital?

– How can a patient’s records, currently kept with a family doctor, be available to a hospital half way almost the world because of a medical urgency abroad?

These are the types of problems a Health Informatics specialist would be asked to tackle. This rapidly emerging field is an interesting mix of health and information technology, and Conestoga is one like only two post-secondary institutions offering this degree in all of Canada. This field needs qualified graduates, with the Canadian government alone saying it could use 2,000 Health Informatics experts right now! You can find careers working in research, hospitals, health organizations or many government agencies. Our Health Informatics Management degree is guaranteed to put you on the controlling edge about technology and innovation!

What You Will Learn

Trends in IT development and its roles in modern organizations and markets
How businesses and else organizations ordinarily impoverish and access information, and the management of IT strategy, processes, et al infrastructure
Best practices in hiring, managing and leading IT personnel
Practical applications of industry-standard software tools and techniques related to database management, communication and websites, data mining and warehousing, and data security.
IT project management skills
Disapproving thinking and problem solving skills
Oral and written presentation skills

Management information systems degree program offers a practical, applications-oriented curriculum that builds leadership skills also knowledge that IT managers can implement in de facto time in their working environments. This accelerated management information systems degree presentation is designed for experienced IT practitioners who can receive credit for past college study, ampersand who often qualify for additional credit for expert experience. Students’ own perform environments and challenges provide case grind contexts for generic learning in accession to course materials that discover students to developing IT trends and forces operating in organizations today.
The field of healthcare is growing and changing rapidly. Whether you are already working in the healthcare industry or are looking to begin a career, the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management can prepare you to find your place in one of today’s fastest-growing professions. Designed for working adults, our healthcare courses can help students to gain a real-world ken of the skills also capabilities needed to succeed in a healthcare management setting, learning the same concepts taught at our campus locations beside the added flexibility of online access.

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