ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies )

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies
The Single of Science in Liberal Studies degree is a 120-credit order of the day that enables students to explore a bailiwick of academic skills and disciplines in an online environment. Here, you receptacle select from midst the areas of concentration besides minors or complete your degree picking from the various courses available in consultation with your advisor. Through this program you can gain the liberal knowledge that will serve you well for a lifetime.

This can be an ideal degree opportunity for:

students who need a bachelor’s degree for career advancement
students who have completed an associate degree or a community college
students who completed credits toward a bachelor’s degree but never graduated.

Description of Major
The Unattached of Science in Liberal Studies degree program can help you earn the degree while exploring a range of academic skills and disciplines, creating your own major in an world of interest you enjoy. You will learn round a blended program of traditional classroom instruction and online courses that offers the best of both worlds to ensure a high quality, personalized educational experience furthermore maximum schedule flexibility.
The Celibacy from Science in Liberal Studies is a great opportunity for students who:

want to earn a bachelor’s degree for career advancement
have completed an associate degree
have completed credits toward a bachelor’s degree but never graduated. As many as 75 credits may be transferred toward this degree.

Upon successful completion of the 120-credit program, you command earn an Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences degree and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies Degree. You’ll have the emancipation to choose from a variety of courses that encompass writing, math, liberal education, physical/biological science, social/behavioral science, arts/humanities, health and wellness, personal performance, general education, also arts und so weiter sciences.

Online colleges have improved a lot lately. Many of modern approved online colleges are creating impressive studying systems for different types of learners. Simultaneously, many traditional colleges and universities are edifice online expansion programs. Circa every online course cup exist concluded without entering a classroom; though, contingent to particular study arenas, unknown of the online courses may need extra on-site laboratory sessions which prepare students among hands-on view in the concrete field. Online colleges and universities develop expertise for earning undergraduate and graduate certificates for specializations in study areas. Some degrees can be earned in as little as ten months, while others will require a greater length of time.

What to Expect on the Road to a Degree
The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, is about much more than knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Whatever career path you are on, this multidisciplinary program will help you culminant the vision and skills you need to lead a more pleasing life:

Knowledge: Gain a broader, more diverse perspective on the world in all its complexity, including how we got where we are today and the intertwined and often unpredictable forces that drive the course of human events through history.
Tools: Generate a banausic set of tools that will serve you in the long term: in your career, your personal life and in making a meaning for yourself in the world.
Skills: Apply imagination, critical thinking, sound reasoning, ethical discernment and persuasive communications skills – allness traits of excellent leaders – to influence your body and the world.
Values: Ground yourself in the Jesuit values and ethics: learn to appreciate the importance of reflection, creativity, knowledge of self, action for others, social justice and seeing the good in all things.

Our part-time program for working adults follows a classical educational approach: developing lifelong learners and taking students on an educational trek through the rich context of human history, knowledge exploration also the pursuit of deeper meaning. Along the way, our students apply the tools et al skills they need to lead more rewarding lives.

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.