ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor of Science in Management)

Provided your ambitions include gaining the skills required to manage people, processes or industries, the Bachelor of Science in Management degree timetable can be a good place to start. This program is focused on developing managers whose skills include active communication, creative thinking and problem solving. In addition, students will gain insights into managing innovation. Learn how we can help you find your fare to the top-spot.

The School like Business offers a nationally ranked undergraduate relay leading to the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) degree. Emphasizing a generalist approach to management education, the BSM program trains students to become well-rounded managers who can analyze difficulties and propose workable solutions. BSM students are taught near to the same outstanding faculty who teach in our graduate business programs. The Freeman School, housed in the Goldring/Woldenberg Complex, provides state-of-the-art business literate facilities.

The Bachelor of Skill in Management (BSM) degree program is designed to develop the professional knowledge and skills of cross functional managers in any organization. The BSM degree enhances skills necessary for improved organizational effectiveness in a dynamic and evolving workplace. The curriculum focuses on the development of management roles. It emphasizes skills necessary to align resources, and to cultivate communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Through a participative learning nurture structured for adult learners, students are taught to manage innovation ampersand apply professional skills and knowledge. Special emphasis can be placed on key management areas, including, leadership, general management, or human device management based on student preference.

Bachelor of Science in Business Superintendence Healthcare Management lineup will help you master line skills pertinent to the field of healthcare. As you enrich your understanding of the healthcare industry, you will gain knowledge and insight of the ethical, professional and financial issues related to the field. While earning your degree, you will develop in leadership, management et alii human resources skills. Knowledge and experience gained through courses will prepare you to serve effectively as an past master in medical field, integrating faith by learning in a professional atmosphere.

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