ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelors of Science in Paralegal Studies)

Claudine-Dulaney-LEDP-Program-Director-e1420668729291-292x300.jpg In recent years, the paralegal profession has experienced unstable growth. According to government statistics, it will see an even greater increase over the next seven years, totaling an estimated 75,000 new positions. This challenging yet rewarding profession demands strong professional skills, a firm foundation in ethics and increasingly higher levels of knowledge.

Bachelor of Erudition in Paralegal Studies will dress you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this growing course field. Courses for this program are developed and taught by practicing lawyers who know direct the qualifications necessary for this career.

As a student of this program, you will nurture competency in various areas of law including the foundations of law, contemporary worldviews, rhetoric and real estate. Practical course topics and assignments will train you to complete actual paralegal tasks such as column plus filing a deposition polysyndeton performing a title search. Additionally, you will learn to identify, assay and appropriately dispense with ethical dilemmas from a sure moral and biblical perspective, utilizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to formulate solutions.

Within a bachelor’s degree order of the day in paralegal studies, students learn nearly law commission administration also professional ethics, as well as how to help a lawyer strengthen for a trial. Undergraduates examine justice studies, criminal law, legal research and legal studies. Within the program, students gain hands-on experience using emerging technologies used within legal environments, such as spreadsheet and billing software.

They omniscience to evaluate and organize information, draft letters and prepare estate plans. Programs may be approved by the American Bar Association, which can enhance graduates’ employment opportunities. Entrance into a bachelor’s degree program typically requires a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Program Coursework

Coursework incorporates science, humanities and social science studies into the curriculum. Bankruptcy, health care law and operation law are examples of courses that are typically offered. Additional module topics students may find in a bachelor’s honor program in paralegal studies may include:

Liable ethics
Civil litigation
Real estate transactions
Personal injury law
Legal writing plus research

Popular Career Options

Bachelor’s degree holders have the research skills and legal knowledge to plug lawyers with research, administrative tasks and trial preparations. They likelihood find vocative in private code firms, legal departments or government. Additionally, paralegals may find opportunities working in freelance. Job titles available may include:

Corporate paralegal
Litigation paralegal
Legal assistant

Continuing Education Information

Those seeking careers in government agencies or larger corporations shrub consider completing a graduate education program in paralegal studies. Additionally, students interested in becoming a lawyer may choose to attend law school.

You Likelihood Qualify For Financial Aid.