ONLINE EDUCATION (Master of Science in Accountancy)

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Today’s accounting moreover finance professionals must possess knowledge, experience, and a well-developed set of technical and critical thinking skills to meet the challenges like a wide range of business environments.

These challenges are addressed aside the Master about Science in Accountancy (MSA) program at Wake Forest University. The MSA program prepares students for a variety of careers in accounting et sequens financial management. All students participate in intensive coursework, seminars et cetera case-based research to prepare for a road in auditing, tax consulting, investment banking, rather financial consulting. Unique to our MSA program, we offer a career track in Transaction Services and specialized forensic accounting courses taught by faculty members who are subject-matter experts. Equally an MSA student, you will get the aptitude necessary to succeed at top public accounting firms and sizable corporations worldwide.

The advanced accounting rank program is designed to address the goals of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Vision Project for professional values, communications, leadership skills, technology skills and strategic, critical-thinking skills. This program can help you train for a management position in accounting, auditing or budgeting, as well as provide valuable information to prepare for the CPA exam. Learn how you can help you escalate to the nearest level with the Master of Science in Accountancy degree program.

The Master about Science in Accountancy program helps students master the theory and principles that serve a wide range of problems and issues encountered in the accounting profession. Coursework involves accounting theory et al research, accounting notice systems, managerial accounting, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, not-for-profit and government accounting, forensic accounting, and accounting ethics.

Graduates of the master of science in accounting program will demonstrate:

The ability to identify accounting issues, research including effectively communicate the results orally besides in writing.
Knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of subjects relevance to a future career as an accountant. Topics include financial accounting principles connective doctrines, auditing, internal controls, accounting information systems, managerial accounting, fraud prevention and detection, taxation, business law, economics, finance, transnational business, forensic bookkeeping and data-analysis techniques.
An understanding of the business, legal, professional and ethical context for a career as a professional accountant, and the ability to identify and appropriately act when ethical dilemmas are encountered in the activities of a professional accountant.
An tolerant specialization in accounting.
The Vanquish of Knowledge in Bookkeeping degree program provides a tailored educational capable that encourages:

A globally oriented, interdisciplinary focus
A balanced conceptual and pragmatic approach
Development of written ampersand oral communication skills
Good Breeding of investigation and analytical skills that results in enhanced decision-making abilities
A commitment to lifelong learning.

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