ONLINE EDUCATION (Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration/Health Care)

southwestcertificate4.jpg An MBA degree will prepare you to manage today’s economic challenges. But to effectively understand how those skills apply to managing health care delivery systems, you need an degree program accompanying a curriculum designed with nursing professionals in mind. The dual-degree MSN/MBA program with a health care management focus examines the inner workings of rally care organizations, how to apply traditional transaction concepts to a health care setting, as well as advanced nursing knowledge. Grasp how to apply a systemic and analytical decision-making approach to identify and solve organizational problems facing health care today.

This Bridge to Master of Business Administration and Expert of Science in Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems (Dual Degree) is designed for veteran registered nurses who have bachelor‛s degrees in a field outside like nursing who want to earn their MBA/MSN dual degree. Instead of requiring these students to earn a BSN degree, they plunder six courses from our BSN program and then launch into the MBA/Master of Science in Nursing Leadership in Health Tutelary Systems track.
The dual degree program affords experienced nurses with the opening to develop cross-functional business management skills et alii leadership competences appropriate to preparing individuals in the nursing moreover health business fields for foremost management and executive positions.
This masters in nursing leadership and management program goes beyond patient care and studies the conglomerate side of health care by examining the costs, how to set and maintain a budget, and the management of workforce challenges. Graduates of this proportion may opheffen prepared to either fulfill an entrepreneurial goal and start their own health company or move toward a leadership role within a health care organization.

The MSN/MBA Dual Degree Program, a collaborative venture of the School of Nursing and the Darden Alum School of Business Administration, prepares health care leaders with a unique blend of clinical and administrative skills.
The objective of the Master of Erudition in Nursing presentation and the Master like Work Direction is to endow a unique educational experience to specially qualified individuals capable of leadership and innovation in health nurse organizations and delivery systems. Graduates will arrogate leadership positions in hospitals, corporate offices, ambulatory care facilities, including long-term care agencies. They will also complementary to the health policy-making process in both communal and private sectors.
The MSN program builds on the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience of the bachelor’s prepared nurse. Therefore, the MSN/MBA Dual Degree Program will create a specific opportunity for students to grab the breadth of sympathy and management skills needed to perform effectively and creatively at the business and clinical interface of our health lament delivery organizations. The MBA program provides an understanding of the ultimacy areas of business while it develops the student’s capacity to analyze managerial problems and present resourceful solutions to those problems.

What you’ll learn
The MSN/MBA/HC dual degree program is designed to provide nurses among a unique blend concerning advanced nursing et cetera business management skills needed to manage today?s innovative health care delivery systems. The program combines essentials from both point programs to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance and support patient services. The MBA/HCM program emphasizes the identification, analysis, and solution of complex charge problems that require technical intuition and balanced decision making. The MSN program blends nursing theory plus advanced practice concepts necessary to successfully factory within the structure, culture, and mission of any size health care organization or educational setting.

The Master from Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration joint calendar is designed to provide nurse administrators with the skills necessary to participate fully in the administration of contemporary health care organizations. It will activate nurses to plan, direct, and evaluate the drop of nursing tutelage for groups of patients/clients in acute care or community settings, administer a division of nursing, administer departments other than nursing, and indulge in necessary planning and financial decision-making for the whole organization as well as specialized areas within the wholesomeness care organization. Successful completion of the joint program should enable tend administrators to attain maximal career mobility.

Unique features of this master’s program include:

A focus on cross-cultural perspectives of health behaviors and values and illness care, with an emphasis on the Hispanic literature around the curriculum.
Active recruitment of students plus faculty from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to enrich student learning.
Preparation of nurses with population-focused skills which enable them to develop and execute nursing programs and services for groups like clients near common health care problems.

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