ONLINE EDUCATION (Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration (dual degree)

healthadminmasters-254x300.jpg The Department concerning Nursing and Health Auspice Administration Programs offer a concurrent Master of Science in Nursing und so weiter Master of Science in Health Care Application dual degree available to qualified students who desire liberal preparation in the areas from nursing and health care administration with a practice focus as Advanced Practice Nurses in administration. The concurrent program leading to both degrees represents the core accreditation requirements from each degree. Coursework is integrated between the dichotomous degree programs each semester in order to yield an intense learning experience.
The joint Master of Knowledge in Health Care Administration and the Master of Science in Nursing provides the opportunity for students to specialize as advanced practice nurses with emphasis in administration and increasing competence in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs in preparation for serving in various health agencies. An important career path for advanced practice nurses is as nurse executive in the variegated segments of the health care industry including entrepreneurial activities. Courses are interdependent and possess been structured to provide clinical depth in the areas of nursing and administration.

If you’re a nurse who wants to expand your options by taking on a greater role in the delivery and management concerning hale care, our Teacher of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration dual degree program is designed to help you. This program blends tolerant nursing curriculum with the business skills needed to make critical decisions in health care organizations. Coursework covers policy, endow and more. Your first-hand experience as an RN combined near an MSN/MHA degree can guidance you be an effective health care administrator in many organizations. we helps you expand your options and make an even bigger impact on health care.

What you’ll learn
The Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration is a dual-degree program designed to provide nurses with a blend of advanced nursing and health care related business skills. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the Master of Science in Nursing component addresses nursing theory and advanced practice concepts. The Master of Health Government component focuses on finance, economics, policy, quality improvement, marketing, and strategic planning.

Program Lowdown and Requirements
MSN in Health Administration online programs offer flexible schedules, allowing students to complete the homiletic portion through online formats. Practicum receptacle be performed in locations that are convenient to the abstract and only some programs require on-campus residency time. Other programs allow students to shorten completion time through estivate programs on-campus. Instructors can be reached via e-mail or phone. Courses are delivered and managed through software programs such as ANGEL and can afsluiting accessed through the Internet.
Common Trail Offerings
At the master’s level, general education courses are not required. Coursework for this discipline focuses on leadership strategies including finding ways to address current issues autogenous the health supervision system.
Health Care Policies
Policies both historical and current are explored in this league that well as the political factors that create them. Students learn how they can work within this realm as groups or on an individual basis to improve the system.
Health Business Theory and Conceptual Bases
In this class, students learn to analyze the concepts afterwards nursing practices and principles. This gives the students the ability to evaluate current practice models.
Strategic Programma in Health Care
This drift teaches the student to understand the factors that health care systems need to thrive financially and medically. The student will be given the tools to create organizational models that offer the greatest benefits to all.

To meet the growing stickler for professionals in population health, EKU offers the Masters like Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration. Graduates are employed in pointed care settings, public health agencies, community agencies, and the people sector.
In the online public well-being nursing program, you will gain expertise in population health, assessment, program development, policy analysis, grantsmanship, and evaluation. In the administration concentration, you will foment expertise in leadership and systems change, human and financial resources, magnetism and quality management.

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