ONLINE EDUCATION (Online Master of Science in Communication)

Visual-Communications1.jpg A master’s degree in information et sequens communications technology can provide individuals with the opportunity to expand their skills in creating, planning and developing communication systems for businesses. Some schools offer specializations such as project management, lore technology, website design, technology superintendence or visual communications.

Students can academic to integrate the latest technology in Web, multimedia and telecommunication systems. They might perform research and analyze their findings to broaden their understanding of issues ampersand trends in the field.

Throughout the program, students cup view hands-on technical learning and build a working portfolio to highlight their abilities to possible employers.
The online Master of Communication Care multidisciplinary curriculum balances the study of complex theories with practical application–students are equipped alongside cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in their current roles–from journalism and marketing, to public relations and organizational communication.

USC is ranked 24th by US News & World Report
Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Over 15,000 USC Annenberg alumni worldwide
Faculty of leading experts in Marketing, New and Social Media, Change
Management, Communication Research, and Corporate Communication
100% online–earn your degree without disrupting your professional life

MSC is a comprehensive communication management and leadership program that provides a broad-based foundation of principles that can successfully be applied to multiple professional fields. The Slate is designed for professionals from a wide variety like undergraduate majors, job functions and experience levels — drawing emerging talent and head layer managers alike from for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors.

Students enrolled in MSC workshop their career goals, regenerate their competitive edge, obtain a master’s degree, und so weiter are able to thrive full-time throughout the four-quarter program as classes are offered during one full day of instruction each week on alternating Fridays and Saturdays. All classes are held on the Evanston campus.

MSC focuses on communication and leadership skills that run beyond traditional management curricula to train students in the practical, real-world applications required to meet the demands of today’s complex world. The curriculum offers core courses basic to the discipline, as well as elective courses that honorarium students to create their own curriculum based on vested interest and ace necessity with courses designed to cover a range of communication management skills.

The MSC applies to a wide range about job functions and industry sectors. Students learn how to:

– Lead in a global economy
– Manage innovation and change in the workplace
– Think strategically
– Develop critical guidance and ordinance communication skills that will give them a career edge.

Course Topics

Communications technology master’s degree programs are frequent geared toward business professionals and can be completed in traditional classrooms or around online learning settings. Programs generally require 30-48 semester hours like coursework. Courses within the program may include:

Research design
Trends in technology
Learning technology
Enterprise systems
Organizational communications
Industry concepts

Popular Career Options

Upon completing degree programs in this field, graduates commonly occupy the skills to work with the government, small businesses or large corporations. Graduates can seek opportunities in the poop technology departments concerning a variety like industries. Possible job titles could include:

Database administrator
Technology analyst
Network architect
Systems engineer
Material specialist

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