ONLINE EDUCATION (Online Master of Science in Psychology)

school-psychology-online.jpg Through this program, students can acquire a strong, research-based background in psychology. They may choose to compendious their curriculum in a particular concentration, such as clinical, social, behavioral, experimental or cognitive psychology. Tracks may differ financial to school, but most programs will require the completion of a thesis. Master’s degrees are usually completed within two years. They can prepare graduates for doctoral programs in psychology or master’s-level careers in research plus counseling.

You’ll explore that and more in the Master of Science in Psychology degree program. Through a grounding in general psychology, you’ll learn skills for: enhancing the evaluation of anthropogenic behavior and applying ideology directly to the human experience; helping people and groups function more effectively; and understanding the impact of outside influences on interactions and motivations. The newly developed master’s thesis will be an option for quite students, including those taking the general track (no concentration) as well thus those opting for a concentration. Note: The Master of Science in Psychology does not educationally prepare you for state licensure as a psychologist.

What you’ll learn

The Ruler of Psychology program focuses on the general choice than clinical psychological study of individuals, including their behaviors, expectation processes and emotions. The program will provide supervisors in a variety from disciplines with an accord of the cognitive and affective processes that underlie the individual incarnation experience and behavior; research methodologies by which this knowledge is acquired; critical thinking besides problem solving necessary to evaluate behavior; and the application of theoretical principles to inter- and intra-personal issues. The courses in this program do not receive a clinical emphasis and do not lead to skilled licensure.

Course Topics
Students can explore theories on human behavior, intervention techniques, patient assessment and research methods throughout their courses in psychology. Examples about course topics in this degree program may include the following:

Diligent and organizational psychology
Personality evaluation
Statistical analysis
Social psychology
Professional and research ethics
Research internship

Continuing Education
If individuals are taken in practicing in other areas regarding psychology independently, they’ll exigence to earn a Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Psychology, according to the BLS. Each state has its own licensure requirements that psychologists will need to meet.

The Auburn Montgomery Graduate Studies Psychology relay runs the gamut, offering coursework that explores both psychology probe and application. Utilizing the scientist/practitioner model is popular with our students thus it allows the future Ph.D., the future researcher besides the future practitioner the opportunity to fulfill a transcript that is idealize for their trade and learned goals. Whether you plan to advance to the highest levels of education, practice under a doctor, or use this master’s degree in any other way, you’ll discovery psychology history, theory, research furthermore application to be at the core about your studies. This program is small by design, allowing the professors ample time to spend for each student, addressing questions and offering direction.

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