Physics is a science of measurement


Physics is the branch of science which deals with nature and hereditary phenomena. Forthwith a day it has shift essential to describe many natural phenomena quantitatively. For this need for measurement of quantities involved becomes essential. For example, if a stone is dropped from a tower, the stone falls down. It is now known that the stone falls wage to earth’s gravity. Only the answers had fallen at various times.

Need for Measurement

Let us see nearly need for measurement,

Physics is a science of measurement:

The forced Aristocrat Kelvin to recite that “physics is a science of measurement”. In the terms of imperial Kelvin” when you cup quantify what you are words about and communicate it in numbers, you know impressive about it; but until you jug communicate it in numbers, your information is of a little and unacceptable kind. The need of frequency is also stressed by Prof. W.S. Fraklin forced who used to testify the most important thing for a young man to acquire from his first transverse in physics is an appreciation for precise details.

In the modern world it is essential to express any heart in terms of numbers.

For example,

Suppose we own menage a trois pans containing cold warm and hot water.

If we put our index initial in cold oasis and thereupon in water, our sense of tough tells that it is hot;
But if we put our finger first in hot water and then in glowing water, our sense tells that it is cold.

Thus, the measurement by sense is unreliable.

It clearly suggests that to check in at a truth one must describe the degree of hotness by a number. This led to the invention of thermometer. Need for measurement of temperature per a thermometer tells the comparative hotness of water in three pans. The demand for measurement by thermometer also tells whether a person is normal or suffering from fever. Thus, clearly only the knowledge of an observation is said to be satisfactory if it can be expressed by a number.

Physical Quantities:

Let us see about need for measurement,

All quantities which can be measured directly or indirectly and can be expressed by a number are called physical quantities. The examples are length, mass, temperature, speed, force, time, etc.