Professional Science Master’s – An Overview

Professional Skill Master’s is a postgraduate academic degree designed to allow students to pursue higher education in science and mathematics alongside enhancing professional skills. This notice was initiated ut supra an alternative to doctoral programs to pursue advanced training in science with simultaneous development of business skills. Professional Science Masters ere PSM as it is popularly known was started in 1997 by grants to 14 research universities to support the founding of natural sciences and mathematics programs. This later was followed by a focus towards bioinformatics courses at additional universities. The program is currently offered at more than 70 universities across 130 disciplines with more institutions planning on adding newer programs to the list.

The program 2 years in duration imparts training in an interdisciplinary or upcoming field of study. Students pursuing a Professional Science Master’s degree usually contain the utilize to acquire skills such as communication and business understanding essential at the workplace through internships and ‘cross-training’. PSM degree provides fresh graduates a direct passageway into the industry.
Professional Science Master’s degree is available in the following fields:
- Biology/Biotechnology
- Chemistry
- Computational Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics
- Computational Sciences
- Environmental Sciences
- Forensic Sciences
- Mathematics and Statistics
- Medical Related Sciences
- Ethnic Defense
- Physics besides Geological Sciences

These programs are developed keeping the requirements of the industry in mind and provide graduate students closer and more personalized interaction between researchers and managers, thereby furthering their future career prospects. With the growing trend in employers desideration professionals well versed with lookout fundamentals, project policy and team-building, this degree provides the launch pad to gain advantage in today’s competitive world.


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