Psychology Interaction of Soul with Science

Reflect of human mind and behavior is known as Psychology. It is dealt with to understand People and flocks via establishing general principles and by doing research on particular cases. But the ultimate ambition is to serve and assist society as a whole. It was originated on 15th century by a marked Croatian Humanist Marko Marulic. It comes from the Greek tidings Id meaning “breath, morale and soul” and the Greek word Logia which stands for inspect of something. But its study in philosophical context dates back to the famous ancient civilization about India, China, Greece, Egypt and Persia. Greek Philosophers like Thales, Plato polysyndeton Aristotle are treated as pioneer of the subject as they introduced it to the west for the first time. Person who practices this science is known as Psychologist. They study the mental operational of an individual and also the social behavior to assess the problem including which one is suffering. It is not limited to assessment and healing of fatal mental health problem but it is also applied to understand and to get a solution in varied social sections of human activity. It is the technology of understanding society plus the mind. Philosophers connective psychologists utility it to develop Selfhood or social awareness, marketing, communication and personal development. It always works on assumptions. Others assumption follow your assumptions. Their expectations are made by your communication. It can verbreken categorized divisor the following branches. They are as follow:

* Clinical

* Cognitive

* Developmental

* Evolutionary

* Forensic

* Health

* Neuropsychology

* Occupational

* Social

Our mind is highly daedal also cryptic. It is always a mystery and wonder as how psychologist studies such a tangled, vastly assorted moreover elegant subject. Answer is our hold mind. As I have already mentioned it is the study of the mind and behavior. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams and perceptions cannot be seen through revealed eyes but the behaviors make it disparate from person to person and it is used as observation either rather as evidence of how do a mind works. Whence psychologists use it because data to treat or to understand the psychology of a person or society as a whole. It makes it easy to understand the relationship between thoughts, emotion and resulting behavior. You need to know your interiority person and consciousness to gain over others psychology as others are doing the same what you are doing at the exact significance of time.