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Let’s see what the latest technology news can be found on the Internet. One of the most prevailing news in Pakistani newspaper in Urdu , that is relevant to science, is associated near the date of the forthcoming end of the world. Twenty-first December 2012 is planned parade about planets. Total the planets in the solar system in this day should stay in line. Many see in this rare astronomical phenomenon of sign of the end from the world. However, part astronomers syllogism that the parade of planets decree only happen in twenty years.

Next news for ageing. It turns out that the constant stimulation of cognitive functions of the cerebral in old age, contribute to a longer life of brain cells. Such conclusions were made by American scientists. Experts have studied in elderly octogenarian who read something every day. Concerning the two hundred and fifty people there was not same who would have hardships with memory.
Doctor of Science in Israel found an coalition between the flavours of the food consumed and the emotional background of the man. It turns out, badly cooked food can cause hefty psychological disorders, including depression. Bland food can lead a man to a nervous breakdown, and in milder cases, the body gets tired quickly. Particularly harmful such sustentation for emotional personalities.
Studies concerning the human brain revealed an challenging fact. It turns out those moments when a person is dreaming, his basal ganglia, responsible for analytical thinking are most active. So, the more you dream, the most fussy problems can be solved. There is some evidence that the world’s discovery of Einstein and other great minds have been committed during the free flight of their thoughts.

According to the Pakistani newspaper in Urdu, Scientists botanists studied the asparagus found in this plant material capable of controlling blood sugar levels. Specialists believe that among the drinking of asparagus every day, the body begins to produce insulin. This diet is useful for people suffering from overweight or consuming too much fatty food. It is necessary also to subjoin that the research on asparagus were the same in 2006. Then it was shown that it helps to metabolize caramel muscles and tissues.

Physiologists from the University of Michigan, exploring the sweat glands, published their scientific news . They discovered a new psychogenetic of emit allocation. It turned out that in addition to the main task of cooling the body during high heat, swelter the same heals skin wounds. The researchers create that through the sweat gland to scratches et cetera ulcers on the body delivered cells involved in the intensive care unit from damaged areas. Experts are convinced that opened a revolutionary method concerning treatment from open wounds. Previously, it was believed that the new skin cells are generated only from the overcharge and hair of healthy skin cells near the wound.

Recently in Online Pakistani Newspapers the logbook Nature published research of European astronomers who studied the dwarf planet Makemake, which is next to Pluto. According to information received, scientists endure identified the lack of atmosphere on this planet.