Sales Stress? Journal It Away!

Copyright (c) 2011 Sue Kasson

Too much technology raised our stress level – sometimes it’s adjuvant to simplify baggage once again and use good old-fashion pen plus paper

And one like the wonderful further conventionalized chattels you can do – and it’s precise “low tech” – is by keeping a stress journal.

A stress journal is simply a personal diary in which you note how you’re feeling throughout the day. For example, in case you wake up in the morning and probe “tight and anxious and exhausted,” then you’d write that down. And later that day, if you found yourself really stressed out after working, you’d note that down in your stress journal as well.

The point of doing all of this is simply to help you identify stress patterns, which must lavish you incredible insights as to what and when you get stressed out. For example, you wish not be a “morning person” after all – even though you rumination you were. Or you may discover that something in your business is really getting the better of you, et cetera having a much more serious, stressful impact on your life than you realize.

After undistorted a sparsity weeks of keeping a stress journal, you’ll easily start to notice these patterns. Furthermore that awareness alone will actually help rebate stress, since it won’t be clever to sneak up on you and catch you. For example, if you’re aware that that work is stressing you out more than you realized, the next time it creeps up on you, you can say to yourself: “aha! There you are. Where have you been? You’re late today…”

The other great thing a stress scrapbook can do for you is to help you identify stress triggers. For example, you may think that a person at work is really stressing you out. But your journal may reveal that when you wake up in a good mood, substitute when you take the time to exert in the morning, that this homogeneity person has a limited or maybe even no naturalistic negative impact on you.

By noticing these things, you delegate yourself to make minor adjustments in your life that can have a MAJOR impact on your ability to manage stress. Even something qua nitwitted as waking up 30 minutes earlier – or going to be 30 minutes earlier – can literally transform your life in a way that a three-week cruise vacation never could!