Sci Fi London Film Festival – London’s Exciting Celebration of Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre of entertainment that captures the hearts and imaginations of millions of viewers worldwide and has steadily increased in popularity as well ut supra evolving in diversity and sophistication.

The Sci Fi London Film Feast was designed by the festival’s director Loius Savy in 2002 with the paramount philosophy of forming an opportunity for up and coming sci-fi film makers to be able to present their films to an appreciative audience; it is also an event that advertises major block-buster sci-fi films and acclaimed books. As such, visitors to the event choice have the privilege of seeing fringe films and rare documentaries that are very hard to get a hold of in the UK. The festival allows entry of short films from each sci-fi sub-genre from aliens to horror as well as Japanese animation series’, also known as ‘anime’. The sheer variety is an aspect regarding the carnival that is sure to equip ample entertainment for all those who enter. Additionally, the genius of the individual film-makers that grace the silver screen with their rara avis and riveting pieces, explore the unbeaten paths of the science fiction genre and helps expand this fascinating culture.

The 2012 program will lineamental many interesting pieces; some mainstream along with others more divergent from the blockbuster norm. “Clash of the Titans”, “Mirror Mirror” and “Total Recall” are some of the extensive films that will be featured at the festival. In augmentation the festival will also debut five very engrossing films for attendees to enjoy. “Death”, “True Love”, “Cycle” and “Strange Frame” are all very interesting pieces that are sure to satisfy the more cerebral fans of the genre.

Apart from the movie et alii short-films debuts, there are awards given for each order from film to writing. Amongst these awards stands the most prestigious; the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction literature. This award is revered as the most esteemed award for fictional writing worldwide also is sure to induce a friendly yet competitive flavour into the air like the fete helping to further ones sense of excitement for this glorious affair.

If same happens to be a affectionate sci-fi winnow who loves Cosplay, next definitely register for the parade! This is where science fiction fans decree be skilled to dress up as their favourite character and career with their brother ventilatoren in a fun-filled daily of celebration.

There are many more attractions offered by the fiesta just waiting to be enjoyed. Since the festival runs from the 29th of April till the 7th of May it is advisable to book a London weekend break. When choosing accommodation, it is advisable to select a location which gives one access to varied other attractions so as to beautify ones holiday. Oxford Street hotels provide fantastic shopping for the discerning shopper looking to satisfy any and all cravings. Due to the location of The Langham London, visitors will also have ready to about Regent and Bond Street for further shopping adventures.