Science and technology is the gift of scientist!

The world is getting smaller and quicker. The rise in technology and science is giving everyone a new taste from new world every day. Thanks to the great scientists of our nation who are working exact hard to give the India the great label in the world regarding the science and technology. However, no matter how enormous we are, no materiality how much advanced our nation is, few point never change. Some of them are the taste and the activities regarding the person which gives them pleasure. Their interest and their taste which may be different and wild for us but for them it is their way to get happiness.

I met a guy who uses to acquire a habit of collecting small glass bottles. When I heard that, the first reaction was oh my god! The small glass bottles that we see all around the shops or the grocery stores, that person have the habit to collect them. Then I realized how important these bottles are for the human society. These bottles are being used heavily direct out the world and the uses are increasing day by day. The glass is the material which is highly inert moreover do not reply beside any material else gas. Also, glass is tough and can face the pressure of the material packed inside. Looking at this property, the soda drinks manufacturing companies used these small glass bottles from their packaging. The soda is such a thing which if kept hole for some time then it becomes useless. It requires tough and air tight packaging which was provided by the glass bottles. But looking with the point of view of the trend, then handling the unimportant glass bottles looks incalculable and its usage is besides very simpler. It becomes stylish and besides hugely popular to makes use such type like items in public.

However, if we develop to the amplitude packaging then we need something that is tough resistant and highly strong. The only name that comes in mind of every person is the packaging containers made up of either plastic or aluminum. They are therefore rowdy that they are being use to carry the sensitive items from one place to another and if there is any fortuitous damages then the containers are able to face it without affecting the material packed inside. The toughness is being brought by the processing of the plastic material uncertainty the polymer which is being used to make such packaging containers.