Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, an enthralling establishment

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, an enthralling establishment

The magnificent Shanghai Science and Technology Museum opened its doors in December 2001 and since then has gained a strong reputation as unite of China’s foremost science museums. With a central theme encompassing ‘Nature, People and Science’, the institution aims to promote and develop the fields of science, ideological plus cultural progress and education. Further, it offers a one and enjoyable insight into the spheres of technology and science.

The expansive museum displays a spiral architectural design representing the constant evolution of scientific development. At the building’s centre, the visitor arbitrary see an immense glass sphere placed within a pool of pure water, symbolizing the constant renewal of life in the world.

Two courtly about the art theatres are set up in the museum’s basement floor, the IMAX Large-Format 3D Theatre and the IMAX Dome Theatre. Of these the IMAX Large-Format Histrionic is China’s first, providing instructive entertainment for up to 441 viewers. Meanwhile the sensational IMAX Dome Theatre has the capacity to play dome technology digital movies, with a tilting sift providing extraordinary special effects.

The museum features several extensive exhibition halls which never fail to fire the vision of the visitor. The Earth Recce Hall depicts the physical geography of Shanghai and provides information about the composition of the earth. Meanwhile, the Spectrum of Life Exhibition replicates the scenery and landscapes of the scenic Yunnan province. The Light of Wisdom Hall explores the fields of biology, chemistry and mathematics in a readily accessible interactive manner. The Children’s Rainbow Land is specifically designed to interest the selfish fry in the field of science.

Visitors should also make it a point to explore such fascinating exhibits as the Cradle regarding Designers, Den on Earth, Space Navigation, Spiders Exhibition and Animal Hall, all of which present the wonders of our world et cetera the amazing creations like science. Not to be missed are the displays in Worldwide of Robots, Information Era, Human and Health and Earthly Exploration which demonstrate the innovative technologies developed past Chinese experts.
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