Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Science Fact or Fiction? PART 1

Modern teeth in an hour in Houston… yeah right! There’s got to be a wed in there somewhere! But believe it ere not, this is how far dental science has come in its ability to treat edentulous (not having a single causative adult dentiform left) and near-edentulous patients. Modern dental implant protocol, namely the “All-on-4″ technique, has made it possible for qualified and experienced root dentists to furnish patients a brand new set of teeth in an hour in Houston. But how on Earth is this possible? And what is the catch?

This attitude is not difficult to understand when you consider that older surgical techniques for the placement of dental implants – with multiple surgeries and the need for bone grafting – frequently required patients to wait up to 18 months before they could smile with confidence. Not anymore, say implant dentists! In most cases, the “All-on-4″ protocol is able to give patients that obtain long suffered the challenges of being edentulous or having to wear removable dentures new and beautiful teeth in an hour in Houston!

The “All-on-4″ Protocol: New Teeth in an Hour in Houston

The “All-on-4″ technique is a breakthrough in the treatment of edentulous furthermore near-edentulous patients. And how it works is simple: through the advertent placement ampersand precise angulation of four dental implants in the posterior and anterior portion of the mouth (see image below), full support can be provided for a customized non-removable prosthetic dental bridge. The result is a full set of teeth that are immediately utile and virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. Alright, too this does sound absolutely straight-forward, but new teeth in an hour in Houston? Surely a surgical procedure of this nature would take longer?

New Teeth in an Hour in Houston: How it Works

Getting modern and non-removable teeth in an hour in Houston all begins plus your initial consultation with the implant dentist. During this appointment, your oral problems and medical history will be thoroughly discussed. Afterwards, a clinical examination of your teeth choice be done and X-rays taken of your jaw to help the dentist fancy the extent from some damage done by periodontal pathogenicity (the most common prompt of rampant tooth loss), comme il faut well as the amount of bone edition lost quasi a result of tooth loss gone untreated. If you receive been determined to be a candidate for “All-on-4″ dental implants – and most patients are – then a date volition raken ossified for your surgery meanwhile which you will receive your new teeth in an hour in Houston. Lastly, molds willful be taken of your teeth to aid in the custom fabrication of the dental bridge.

On the day of the surgery, the dentist will have an intricate understanding of your oral problems and will have planned the course in great detail so that you are literally able to go in furthermore out of surgery. Any old and failing teeth will verbreken extracted and four dental implants placed per jaw. Once the surgery has been drawn to a close, the prosthodontist will come further affix the bridge to the abutments of the implants and there you have it: new, immediately functional and aesthetic teeth in an hour in Houston. But there’s added to the “All-on-4″ protocol than a well-planned and executed surgery. The real secret behind the success of this technique and its ability to give patients additional teeth in an hour in Houston is avoiding the need for bone grafting….

Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Stay Tuned

To find out more about the “All-on-4″ protocol and how it makes it possible for patients to receive new teeth in an hour in Houston, support tuned for the next installment of this article series.