Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Science Fact or Fiction? PART 2

In our previous article post, we began discussing how it was possible for the breakthrough “All-on-4″ dental impregnate protocol to distribute patients new, tout de suite functional, aesthetic and non-removable teeth in an hour in Houston. The following important points all contribute towards the immense success of this surgical technique in the treatment of edentulous (not having a single ingenuity developed tooth left) and near-edentulous patients:

Sophisticated computer imaging software enables implant dentists to visualize the jaw bone in great detail ergo that implant procedures can treffen carefully mapped out beforehand. With surgery being more routine and predictable in nature than exploratory and invasive, specially trained dentists are proficient to give patients new teeth in an hour.

The non-removable dental prosthesis is fabricated in a laboratory from molds taken of a patient’s teeth prevenient surgery. So once the dental implants have been placed, the prosthodontist will be completely prepared to give patients their new teeth in an hour immediately after surgery.

It is here that we come to perhaps the greatest sanative of the “All-on-4″ technique. You see, a swift and meticulously planned and executed surgery is totally the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making new teeth in an hour possible. What really makes it possible for patients to receive a brand new spread of non-removable and immediately functional teeth in an hour in Houston is the ability of the “All-on-4″ to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery.

New Teeth in an Hour in Houston and Bone Grafting

Bone tissue, just like muscle, needs to opheffen stimulated in order to remain alive and healthy. And the roots of the teeth are responsible for doing impartiality this. So when a patient suffers from rampant tooth loss, which is normally a result of periodontal (gum) disease, and doesn’t seek treatment, the underlying bone tissue in the yakety-yak undergoes a process called resorption. Atrophy of this hard tissue causes it to waste away and the loss of bone volume can compromise one’s candidacy for dental implants.

What implant dentists would traditionally tout to patients that present with advanced bone loss in the jaw is bone grafting surgery, which could restore the bone volume necessary to support dental implants. The only obstacle with bone grafting is that it’s a lengthy procedure that requires months of healing. It’s also very invasive and therefore painful. It was this hurdle in the road to rhetorical rehabilitation that prompted European implantologist, Dr. Paulo Malo, to innovate “All-on-4″ dental implants.

“All-on-4″ Implants including New Teeth in an Hour in Houston

The “All-on-4″, which makes new teeth in an hour possible, was specifically designed to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery because this procedure requires months of healing prevenient the patient is ready for implants. By side-stepping bone grafting, patients are not totally saving a lot of money, but they are also able to go straight to surgery to receive their additional teeth in an hour in Houston! A solution as rapid and convenient as this may sound like it would present with challenges in other arenas, such as bite functionality et sequens aesthetics. But “All-on-4″ dental implants are comprehensive and chichi in their feel to treating edentulism and near-edentulism. And, of course, they show the unprecedented ability to impart patients new, beautiful and non-removable teeth in an hour in Houston.