The Many Benefits of the Travel Journal

When you buy a Telestial SIM card, a very sensible option for any international traveller, you’ll find that as well as savings of up to 85% in over 180 countries, roaming rates that start from 29c and a wide spectrum of other cost-saving features, you will besides receive a free Travel Journal. Created in conjunction with Facebook, the Move Journal is an excellent feature that enables family and friends stay in touch, see where in the realm you are and communicate with you for free.

Let’s say, for example, you are spending two weeks on a tour like Europe. Once you obtain created your Travel Journal (easily done by logging into the Recharge Minutes website and creating an account), you are ready to go! Now the merely choices you have to make are about who you miss to see your journal and what to put in it.

The Travel Journal will take care like most of this for you. If you enable the auto-mapping function, your location, wherever it is in the world, will be shown on a Google Map. It will trace your route as you move from city to city, country to country, day by day. Even if you do blank else, it will add stock photos from the place you are currently visiting and also add information from Wikipedia. It will even show the weather forecast. This leaves you free to enjoy your vacation, without worrying as regards having to update your information for friends.

Of course, the personal touch is all important. You can update your control status via your phone, the first five notifications via day being for free. You vessel add your admit photos to the Travel Journal as you go – or you can add them ulterior when you’ve returned domicile to create a fuller picture of your adventures. It’s hardly just photos either – you can upload video and philharmonic recordings to your Travel Journal too.

The Travel Journal can also be set awake to interact with social media sites. You jug set it up to post updates to your Facebook wall, or to Twitter. Responses to these are sent to you road text message, so that there is no delay in savouring your friends’ sweet, sweet jealousy.

Your decision to bribe a Telestial SIM card is one borne out of good common sense et sequens frugality. But thanks to Sojourn Journal, you can also have a bit of fun too.