The Power of Dream Journal and Reality Checks In Lucid Dreaming Stories

After going through many tips for lucid dreaming stories, still, a person can find problem with dreaming. For example: creating life backgrounds, flying over different places, wandering over the walls, and finding out different phobias. But, a person should fathom the power of a dream journal. A dream chronicle can help a person to fight against the life experiences, achieving fun, and different exciting life changing states of dreams. A dream journal is one of the most important methods to remember a lucid dream, furthermore to get control over it. An unhurried and excellent way to remember a impractical is to keep it in a journal. A person container write his woolgather as a story or notes. This delivery forces person to write his dream in detail as much as he can.
What actually a dream journal power is?
A dream journal is a technique to write down the lucid dream after waking rise from a dream. Abstracted journal is known as the alarming technique. A person puts the journal next to the bed to make it easy to write the dream. It is an easy way to remember that what happened in the lucid dream. But, do it straight away after awakening, because it is not easy to remember the dream after some time. This dream journal measure involves the good recalling timings of dreams. This technique will let a person to wake up him and recall whatever he dreamed. So, it is better for a person to take a journal and write whatever he remembers about his dream. It desire act as a trick to raise the person’s mind so again he may nvloeden able to recall his dreams. It is the excel recalling procedure for lucid dreaming stories. This will further let a person to see multitude uniformity in his life, whether about the watch not telling time, the color of the sky is red, people are without shadows, the switches like light don’t work, etc. Whatever happened in the dream, it is important to remember it, because it acts as a reality checks.

Reality checks
Those peoples who are not aware of different lucid dreaming story tips, may be, they also don’t know about the reality check. These reality checks are the other methods which want let the incarnate know whether he is dreaming or not. These will helps to indicate down the ordinary things. One of the most common methods in reality checks is to push the fingers of the other hand near to the help of palm of other hand. If a person is able to push the fingers straight gone then it means that he is dreaming, and this is the point from where he can set to brilliant dream. This process may take some time, but by the passage of time, it will become easier to realize whether he is dreaming or not. Once, a person understands the reality of lucid dreaming, and then he can make simple checks while sleeping. He can make control over his lucid dreaming stories, also can do whatever he wants to practice in reality.