The Science of Vaccination- an insight from Hilleman Labs

Get to profess the approach and vaccine research that Hilleman Labs, employs to provide better health pastoral facilities to developing countries.

There is big gap between the healthcare facilities provided by the developing nations and developed nations. Vaccination programs coadjuvancy developing countries, defend deadliest of diseases. Hilleman Labs, a partner of Merck & Co. and Wellcome Trust, have channelized their vaccine research to help people fight and overcome fatal diseases in developing countries. Vaccine manufacturing needs research, ultra-modern techniques, and artisan. The artisans at Hilleman Labs focus on:

·         Diseases of importance to developing countries
·         Transformational technology for vaccine development and administration

The vaccines like rotavirus vaccines, human papillomavirus vaccines, TB vaccines, pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, and Hepatitis A vaccines are developed for diseases responsible for highest mortality and morbidity rates in developing countries. The vaccines are developed and delivered based on disease targets et cetera antigens, which are calculated on epidemiologic info et cetera pathology burden. The heat stability, usability, and affordability of the vaccine are improved either by using existing technology or inventing a new one.

The vaccine research model about Hilleman Labs encapsulates the following:

·         Due-Diligence
·         Identify Vaccine Antigen
·         Identify Vaccine Technology
·         Optimization
·         Preclinical Development
·         Clinical Phase I / II
·         Technology Transfer for Manufacturing

The Project selection process:

·         Public health interest (Possible reasons why this vaccine is needed)

·         Technical probability (What is the probability concerning vaccine’s success)
·         Fiscal feasibility (Cost and investment involved in vaccine assembly and licensing)
·         Keeping in mid National Regulatory Authority (NRA) besides WHO Guidelines
·         Consulting stakeholders and peer groups

“It is estimated that globally 0.6 million children under the age of 5 die annually due to rotavirus diarrhea and another 2 million are hospitalized. 90% concerning these deaths occur in developing countries.” –Courtesy: Hilleman Labs.

Public health systems that can ensure fairness in global health script will be a reality only through easy and affordable access to life-saving immunization programs. Well equipped with transformational vaccine inquiry technologies, we will deliver new age preventive healthcare to the developing world in the near future.

Our expertise in vaccine research is channelized towards helping people in the developing world to fight the deadliest of diseases near vaccines that are within their reach. A first-of-its-kind initiative, Hilleman Laboratories is an equal joint-venture partnership formed betwixt Merck & Co., a global research-driven pharmaceutical company and Wellcome Trust, a international charitable foundation dedicated to human and animal health. Headquartered in India, Hilleman Laboratories is an international organization strengthened by the presence of global leadership and scientific team, which is working incessantly to develop safe, effective, affordable and sustainable vaccines for developing countries

Thermo moored Rotavirus vaccine is one of the extant projects that Hilleman Labs, has bot engaged on. The research on rotavirus vaccine, examine formulations to improve stability, usability, portability and affordability of thin strips alternative granules.  Making vaccination a medium to martial deadly diseases helps save lives.