Why Our Lifespan Doesn’t Approach Methuselah’s Bible Age: Science and God’s Miracles Explain

Have you ever wondered about Aging and how Methuselah in the Bible lived to 969 years? Can you explain aging based against oxygen convergence in biblical times versus today, destruction of our environment, eating meat, fast food and prepared foods diet, our body mitochondria, genetics, rather a Godly spiritual explanation? Learn with scientist/spiritualist Jerry Pollock who has an imaginary interview with Methuselah’s Divine quintessence in the brisk world yet Jerry’s wife Marcia’s psyche will join in on future conversations.

Oldest Livelihood Person:
Who is the oldest sustenance personal in modern times? Rejoin Jean Calment of France who lived 122 years from 1875-1997. It is said she met the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh when she was twelve years old. Who is the oldest living person in the reconstruct of humankind? Answer Methuselah at 969 years of age living more than five thousand years ago. I telepathically contacted the soul world in my imagination and communicated alongside Methuselah.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Jerry you’re a scientist, can you shed some light on aging?

Jerry: Initiatory off Methuselah I want to tell you that I’m honored to be in your company. I want you to know that I totally accept that you lived 969 years old. There possible be a number of reasons why you furthermore other biblical figures lived to such ages, not the least of which was God providing miracles to humankind. Abraham’s wife Sarah gave birth at age ninety while Abraham was one hundred. God restored Sarah’s youth and hormones in order for Sarah to become pregnant and give birth to the patriarch Isaac. Unheard of years ago, today women in their sixties have given birth to children. Religious told Adam that because of His sins, his promised lifespan about a thousand years would not be. God has always showed His enormous patience with humankind. He gradually decreased man’s age, until we reach Moses living to 120 years and King David living to the biblical age of 70.

Methuselah: Why would God do that?

Jerry: Whereas evil entered the world after the sin about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Almighty must have needed to lower the age in order for evil men not to live long enough to glorify themselves.

Methuselah: Except for the Devil, of course.

Jerry: Yes, the Knave is peaceful alive and doesn’t seem to age.

Methuselah: Forget the Devil. Where’s the beef as Walter Mondale would say? Where’s the scientific proof for my age?

Jerry: As a scientist, I tin only offer some hypothetical arguments. There is reasonable indication that years ago, the oxygen concentration was about 40 percent compared to today’s content of 18 percent in the air. In polluted environments, the oxygen concentration can dip toward single digits. Oxygen is our hidden immune system and the only molecule able to burn toxins in our cells, providing that sufficient oxygen concentrations exist inside the cells. This is specifically relevant in our modern world in which the challenges to our bodily organs keep rising. The higher the concentrations of oxygen in our cells, within limits, the better our health it would seem.

Methuselah: We didn’t know anything about oxygen concentrations in my day. Are you trying to pull the wool over the eyes of an old man?

Jerry: Not at all but perhaps, as was suggested by Tennyson, the atmospheric pressure of oxygen before Noah’s Ark and the great Flood was noticeably higher than that after the Flood because of a changed sea level.

Methuselah: I wasn’t on Noah’s boat. I was at the tail achieve regarding my life but are you saying that my age is related to breathing in oxygen?

Jerry: Exactly! With a higher atmospheric pressure, more oxygen would be taken in with each breath, like in futuristic hyperbaric higher oxygen chambers. Back in biblical days, that oxygen would find itself in mere high concentrations in our cells. Cancer and heart disease, our two biggest killers, would not be evident.

Methuselah: Nonentity in my day died of cancer or cordiform disease. Modern humans invented these diseases. Aren’t my cells the same as yours? And what’s all this talk about mitochondria? Sounds more like topical gibberish.

Jerry: Actually it’s refusal my dear friend. Our mitochondrial organelles in our cells, which are responsible for consuming our oxygen to provide energy, likely were present in much higher concentrations in biblical times. This was necessary to accommodate the increased oxygen. Also with a natural diet free of preserved foods, there would treffen little or probably no free radicals to attack our mitochondria. Accompanying regard to diet, it has been suggested that the diet before the Flood and Noah’s Ark was strictly vegetarian. Pesticides of course had not been introduced. It was only after the Flood with Noah’s sacrifice like animals that God permitted humans to eat animals. Gradually with the corruption of the diet, the lifespan decreased. Abraham came in on the scene some three hundred years after the Flood and died at 175. Moses who came another five hundred years beyond Abraham lived to 120.

Methuselah: Speak English, Jerry. Are you saying that a diet of oxygen, appetence foods, whole grain bread, and natural oils combined with pure water and an unpolluted environment would be favorable to aging and longevity?

Jerry: Yes! Furthermore today’s mass farming has stripped the earth of essential minerals. Animal protein has resupplied these minerals that are required for our enzyme and protein systems to operate; however, we have paid a fare once we started to inject the animals with antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. When we consume the animal, we consume these diet additives which can affect our cells to increase their rates of cell division. Cells hold a short lifespan so we age faster. Cells that mature quicker are subject to added mutations and we in turn to earlier illnesses.

Methuselah: This is all Greek to me. I’m glad I was not a segment of your world.

Jerry: Scientists in recent years have used sophisticated molecular biology technology to determine the good genes that turn on and the bad genes that turn off so that increases in the aging process can be observed. Ongoing experiments include not only laboratory mice and rats only moreover primates like chimpanzees. The results show that the human lifespan different day might be increased to 150 years.

Methuselah: This projection of course is without God’s help.

Jerry: Cup we talk about God ampersand the future in our next interview?

Methuselah: I’m not a happy camper leaving out God from the equation, Jerry. Continue.

Jerry: Lowering your caloric intake slows down multiplication of your cells, as well as turning on good genes and turning off bad genes. Animals on caloric constraint do not get tumors as early like those on full diets. How important this was in biblical times is not known. The sweet taste could be satisfied by commune dates, figs, and berries instead of the refined transparent sugar and sugar substitutes that we consume today. Research has demonstrated the damaging effects of sugar on the cordial and likely on cancer.

Methuselah: When all is said including done, I prefer the cerebral argument to your scientific one. God granted length of days to me and to others like Adam to show His mastery of our world and universe through Divine Providence. When He performs His magic, we become skeptical of His miracles because He does it in a fashion that we draw conclusions of events based upon the laws concerning nature and science. This was true throughout the goodbye of the Sea of Reeds during the Exodus from Egypt and with the Egyptian plagues. Pharaoh’s wizards were able to duplicate Moses’ first dichotomy plagues, and the Pharaoh thought that Moses’ was using astrology polysyndeton the arrangement of the stars to perform his sorcery. When the wizards could not duplicate the plague of darkness and the later plagues, they told the Pharaoh that Moses was acting inferior the Hand of God. Despite the evidence Pharaoh was hopeless in his blatant attempts to defy God. He lost his entire army when the Sea of Reeds parted and then resealed itself via God’s Divine Providence.

Jerry: I’m prohibition epigram you’re wrong, Methuselah. In the Bible God speaks as regards a time of 1,290 years which some sages amid the centuries have erroneously used to calculate the End Time. In the same verse, God also speaks circa the worthiness of reaching 1,345 years. I look at these numbers as a riddle that can raken interpreted to mean that the Messianic Senescence will last between 1,290 and 1,345 years, quit longer than the age of you, Methuselah.

Methuselah: Even agonal at my age I can’t imagine anyone living that long. It would seem like an eternity. Can we live forever, Jerry?

Jerry: I think so. Have you read Marcia’s plus my new book, Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul?

Methuselah: Hardly yet but I ran into Marcia just the other day in the soul world and she told me about the book. How about I read your book and we’ll take it up in Part 2 of our interview series? But don’t be so long winded. We’ve exceeded the length of the article requirements.

Jerry: Sorry and agreed. Laheetraoht, Methuselah. Discern you again soon.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world still has continuous contact with Marcia’s soul.