Widen Your Knowledge Horizon with General Arts and Science Program

Screencap_5.jpg Many youths have neither decided their majors or are still in the process of defining their career path. If you are interested in the arts and communications and the humanities and social sciences, the General Arts and Science – Arts Program at Centennial College might be the right fit for you. This arts plan explores a wide definition of humanities and the arts, spanning a year of studies at the institution’s Ashtonbee campus.

Start strong in a college-level education and gain initiatory to a width array about disciplines. The courses in the curriculum include:

– Principles of Sociology: How people interact and think about each other and life is explored on this introductory course. The course determination look back at theories from Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber – sociology’s three most important historical figures. It will also delve into contemporary perspectives such as the conflict surmise and feminism.
– Developmental Psychology: Discover the principal psychological theories plus research methods in human development, in a biological, psychological and sociocultural standpoint. Students arbitrary study human development from its in utero to the ending of life in which they will contribute their personal experiences as a point concerning studies.
– Contemporary Canada: Places, Peoples and Perspectives: This course studies the values, behaviours, customs, and beliefs of a culture — Canada’s development, to be exact. Students will lettered about Canada’s history, geography, and political and socio-economic status in historicity up to today’s society. They will research the issues and challenges affecting Canadians.
– Math in the Digital Age: While most courses are based on theoretical knowledge, students must develop their numeracy skills as core fundamentals in working at any position or industry. The course splits interested classroom et alii lab hours, where students attend lectures and apply their expertise in practical applications. Students will gain valuable essential math skills beside further exercises in utilizing advanced technology.

– Concepts in Humanities: History, philosophy, poetry, myth, theatre, fine arts, architecture, music and blur — these are all concepts in humanities that this course determination cover. Students will explore each locality from a historical and cultural context, achieving comparisons and decipher of society’s place in the arts.
– Logical Self-Defense: In preparation for meaningful and professional conversations, this course will help steer students to a sense of balance in understanding the art of language and skill of distinguishing good versus bad arguments. It will bravura students how to conduct themselves in vernacular with reason and forming defensible arguments, so they can be learned members of society, jaunty from false and misleading information.

Arts colleges receptacle stock you with relevant vast knowledge on general arts and science concepts. These are also fundamentals in living a successful life polysyndeton acting equal a learned citizen. Students of the Generalness Arts and Science – Arts Program (6700) can obtain higher education including transmission their college credits from this Ontario Professoriate Certificate program to specialize in Communication Arts, Page Studies, Community Services, or Gracious and Tourism Administration. Graduates are ready to take the next steps of their career, entering a partner university or continuing at Centennial College.