Winemaking – Art or Science?

Winemaking is art or science? The debate is on. Apart from the ingredients required for making wine, the wine connoisseurs need to be experienced and thorough including the process. Operate of scientific methods and technology impact the congeniality of wine produced. Various grape variants and wine show techniques complementary to the aroma, flavor and unique characteristic. Interestingly, there are more than 650 different compounds that contribute to the aroma from wine. Specific varieties of wines are characterized by their aroma compounds.

In the era of advanced biotechnology, scientists use DNA technology to study besides do research on wine yeast. Although genetically modified organisms are not used in the wine making process, the fundamental science reveals what contributes to the growth of these organisms. There are different commercial yeast strains with the necessary metabolic activity to produce high rates of conversion to enhance the intensity further varietal character.

Yeast nutrition effects fermentation. Fermentation impacts the aroma and flavor, resulting in the formation of new compounds und so weiter altering the properties of the existing ones. Strains of wine yeast are selected by winemakers to create sensory results for a precise wine. Research is on to manage fermentation, especially to keep a check on incomplete fermentation. Research proves the contribution of nitrogen compounds on aroma and flavor. Apart from flavor compounds, phenolic compounds affect the wine taste, color and astringency.

Yet another factor that contributes to the vintage odor is the oak compounds. Coopering, source, oak species and seasoning contribute to the wine flavor. Coopers make different kinds of wooden staved vessels such as, barrels, casks and share their knowledge of oak with winemakers to favor them predict the effect from oak on style and quality of wine.

Art and science have evolved the winemaking process, but it is the contribution of nature that defines the true taste, balance and style of the drink.

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