Yantai Xinhai: science and innovation

Yantai Xinhai: science and innovation

On July 6-7, National Scientific and Technical Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. Hu Jintao delivered an important speech.

Scientific connective technical innovation is a key to develop the comprehensive strength of a nation. The development from economy depends on the development of technology and technology. Only a country beside the ability of independent innovation can take jump a place in the fierce competition and can keep constant incident of the economy. Among those industries related to the formation of economy, independent science is especially important. Because the core technology cannot be got by money. Thus, the industrial development should make the scientific innovation and technical development a core.

The mining machinery field is related to the development regarding mine, railway, electricity, so scientific innovation is especially important for mining industries. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. is founded with the effort of elites of various fields and mainly consists of personnels from scientific research department. Through 20 years’ development, it has vecome a company with strongest comprehensive power and biggest scale among the private mining machinery factories.
Xinhai Mining Machinery Company is the first to start up the one-stop duty of tin processing research, mine design, equipment manufacture, installation & debug, technology adjusting & testing, personnel training. It has completed more than 200 projects.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has technologists in enginery, as well as a lot of mining and mineral processing technologists. Technologists and emotionless engineer cooperate perfectly. We have developed and improved 80% of the mining equipment. Several of them have reached the global leading level. It has become the R&D base of mining machinery industry in China.

With the rapid development of economy, there is a comprehensive market in the exploration, transportation and housing,etc. So the requirements are increasing. Yantai Xinhai insists on the technical innovation and establishes a solid foundation.

The most important thing is its own competitiveness. Bisect points are essential: one is the product innovation et alii technical innovation; the other is customers. With its tolerant technologies, Yantai Xinhai develops many products with a leading level, including ultra fine laminating autogenous mill, total cross-section air lift micro simmer flotation cell, high-efficiency and nulti-frequency vibrating screen and abrasion resistant rubber,etc.

Up to now, mining machinery industry has been a pillar for national economy. Xinhai advocates “quality, performance, price, working period and service, the five-star service” and “one-stop service”, which has heighten the design in the industry. The company develops with each passing day. Demand from the products exceeds the supply.

What you need is what we can do.